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The heart is for human kind

Who are We?

We came to earth and we were given an identity. Our identity is based on where we come from, what ethnic group we bong to and it is also based on the behaviour that the people that are in the same category as us. It can get really crazy with stereotypes and assumptions. One thing is for sure! We are responsible for our own actions and not actions that others do. Nonetheless, today we are not going into that kind of conversation. Today we are going to talk about who we are.

We came to earth without asking. We have been given a life and an identity. Nonetheless, the more that we grew up, i realise that we ask ourselves some questions that pops up really often. Do you wanna know what is the question?

"Who are and what should we do?"

Some people have find their passion and a sense of purpose whereas some of us still haven't figured it out yet. Why is it like everytime we ask ourselves this question? We are happy but we still want more. It happens to me sometimes as well. Do not get me wrong here! There is no such feeling as jealousy here. What I am talking about here is about the fact that very often we ask ourselves whether we took the right decision. I am talking about the fact that we are very often not satisfied of the outcome of a certain situation.

I tend to believe that whatever the situation that we are in is, there is always a gamble. We are never hundred percent sure about what we are doing. The best answer to our perpetual question though is that we need to do something that we love. Even though we are not good at it at the begining we can do it. With time, everything will fall in place. Practice and practice over and over again. We need to take a risk to get the biscuit. Despite that you love what you do, there will always be those moments where you will ask yourself whether you still like it. We ask ourselves whether we have lost that fire in our eyes. Where has the passion gone? Hey! The passion is still there! You are just taking a rest! But once you get back on track, make sure that you give your best.

Everything that is simple is not always easy. Technical and practical knowledge are two different things but they are still useful. If it happens that you do not know who you are, do not worry too much about it. You are exactly who you are supposed to be at that very moment. When the change will come, you will know it. When you will find your way, you will know it. We may have failed many times but when the success come in whatever we are trying to do, there will be nothing or nobody who will be able to stop you from getting what you deserve and I deeply know that we all deserve the best in our lives.