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The heart is for human kind

We are with New Zealand!

Let's hope that soon everything will get better in New Zealand. There has been an earthquake that has happened and it was a really powerful one. Some areas have been really damaged according to the news. I have friends there as well and thank god they are all fine! Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

For those who have been affected, I am sincerely sorry fo them and now it is time to be strong. It is time to put hatred aside, comfort one another and help rebuild what has been broken. I am sure that the whole world will be willing to help these people whole heartedly. We will help the way that we can. It is not an easy position for the citizens but it is a natural calamity and that is the only way to deal with it. Stick together, think about what's next, comfort each other mentally as well as physically is the key during these kind of moments.

I wish I was there with you to help but unfortunately right now I can't be there. I was even planning to go to a wedding there but I changed my mind at last minute. Nonetheless, right now is not the time to lose hope. Right now is not the time to let go. Right now is the time to be strong, to think about solutions and to be there for one another. We do not know yet how much damage exactly has been done but one thing is for sure. A lot of work need to be done.

We are all with you from where we are. We all know that you can repair the damage done by the natural disaster. So right now, if you come across this text we wish that you all get well soon. We wish that everything gets back to normal soon. We wish you all good luck with the projects that are coming next. We wish that this calamity did not happen. All our best wishes goes to you. For sure it is a hard time for you as well as for the whole world but together we can get over it. Together we are stronger.

We are with New Zealand! We love New Zealand!