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Value your Family

Family is something that very often we take for granted. We often think that what they do for us is compulsory.  But the reality is that it’s not. We sometimes forget to show love to them or sometimes we don’t know how to love them.

Let’s make something clear! Very often the first person to criticise our lifestyle is our mom or our dad. We sometimes get mad at each other or we sometimes ignore each other. But the thing is that they are and will always be the first people who will come to save us during our moments of distress. Sincerely speaking, i don’t know how to love my family. I am far away from them which makes the relationship more difficult to maintain. However, i know that i love them a lot and they love me as well. They may criticise my decisions but this is how we roll.

Sometimes without even knowing it we hurt each other's feelings but hey! Don’t get dramatic over it because family is family forever. We share the same blood and the same life. My dad was my first role model and he still is. He is a very humble and hard working man. Despite of this, we do not know how to love each other despite the fact that we know that we love each other.  He is very serious and i am like him as well. Let’s put it another way. He is very serious and i am very serious with him. The kind that we have the same characteristics in terms of personality had made things difficult between him and i for the last few years. Let’s say we are both stubborn and ‘bad losers’. Despite the fact that we often clash this does not prevent me from loving him. We try to talk sometimes but it is not easy. The only person who i really share a solid bond with right now is my kid brother. This bond i want to preserve it as my treasure. Because no matter what i want to be always there for him and give him the best opportunities that i can in life.

I know i have weaknesses like every human being. I know that sometimes i may act weird or stupid but this is the process to grow up. I want to be the best role model that i can for the coming generation. I want to leave a legacy so that when i will not be there anymore, the future generation can follow my footsteps.

Seriously i don’t really know what to say when it comes to my family. We love one another but we do not know how to share it. Financially we are doing alright and in terms of material stuffs and life style everything is just perfect. The only thing missing is that family tie. Sometimes i got so much things to tell them that i don’t know how to voice all of it out. There are things and feelings that stay on our chest but they just cannot get out. By the end of the day we end up chasing our dreams and do not get time to share with our loved ones. We are so caught up in work and career that we forget one another.

How to go and what to do about it? I have no idea. But i am trying my best to be there. It is a sad situation that is getting more and more absurd. Why can't we value family ties more than our own and personal career and pleasures? I think that when you grow up seeing every body around you focussing on their own and self career, you end up becoming like that. This hunger for more is hard to contain. But all these things does not count of the day. The reason is simply that you people from outside will know you but your family won’t know you that much.

I can’t imagine how my life would have been without those people. Because they are my everything. I remember the time i was a kid, i was very close to my dad. We would go to the stadium and watch football together every Sunday. But while growing up everything changed. The bond was no more there. We were not doing anything together anymore. The relationship even spoil a bit when i became a teenager. Believe me! It is something that you don’t want to go through. Now i am an adult. I am not there with him but my heart is with him. My greatest reward to him is my success. After i am done with that, i will give my everything to take care of him and every single member of my family.

Last month i was having a conversation with one of my friend. He was done with masters and he studied abroad same as me. I asked him why didn’t he stayed and do his masters in France. His response was that he want to take care of his mom. I never knew my friend through that angle. Since i was surprised by his response i dig for more. Because i know he is a very clever dude that can finish his masters in no time. I said to him:

“man your mom is still very young and working and i do not really think that she needs your help for now!”

Then he told me his story. He lost his dad when he was still a kid. The only person that is left to him is his mom and she did everything for his success. His mom raised him alone. The next thing that he told me really touched me. He told me that if something bad happen to his mom while he is studying abroad, he will never forgive himself. To be honest with you guys i was not really expecting that answer because i do not share that kind of love for my family. But his answer left me thoughtful today when i think about it. How deep is that love that he has for his mom. I cannot imagine it. I wish i could share this kind of love and bond with my mom and dad. And i am trying to do it.

In fact, my friend did something great for me without even realising it himself. He left me thoughtful on the long run. I think that choosing a career over my family is the biggest mistake i can ever make. I wish i could go back in the days and enjoy my childhood with them for much more longer. But hey! As we say it is never too late. Sometimes when the heart insist the mind resist and leave us thoughtful. But for this time i will listen to my heart and go towards my family more. At least i can say i have tried and i will not have any regrets. We have to remember that they will not be there forever. We have to love and cherish them as much as we can because family is our blood and strangers can disappear like dust. Money can be there but the love for one another must be there as well.

I really hope that after you read this you will take time to think about situation and spend time with your family. We are so lucky and rich with our families that we don’t know how to cherish them. We don’t award them enough time. As from now things are going to change on my side because they are the success and treasure that i have been looking for all this time.