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The Swedish Girl

The swedish girl. Well what can I say more about her apart from the fact that she was unbelievably awesome. I met her during in a kind of weird situation and the story ended up in a weird way as well. I was in Rodrigues Island and I was about sixteen years old during that time. I was walking along the white sandy beach with the sun stronger than ever and the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. I was quietly waking, there was nobody around except me and I had no idea where I was going until I noticed a silhouette coming from far from the opposite direction. I will not hide that I was intrigued and I was willing to know who could that be.

The closer we were getting to each other, the more I was happy about what I was seeing. We finally got close enough to each other and I was kind of panicking as well as I was wondering whether should I approach her or not. She was absolutely beautiful according to me. She was holding her slippers in her right hand, she had a discreet and elegant bracelet in her right wrist, she was wearing a wet white dress that stopped just before her knees, she had blond hair and absolutely amazing blue eyes. I remember the first thing that I did as she passed me by was to say:

"Am I looking at a top model magazine right now?"

I did not know where did that pick up line even came from but it came out and I felt as if there was a top model in front of me. She looked at me and smile gently and it just killed me as she had an amazing broken smile. She did not replied back and I decided to sit down under a palm tree so that I can watch her leave from where I was. Then I saw her making a U-turn and she came back to me. She asked me what time was it and I eventually took out a cigarette, light it up and gave her what she was asking for. I even proposed her a cigarette but she seemed to be offended and said that she does not smoke. But the good thing was that from there I knew that she was not french since I've approached her with french language earlier on.

"Would you mind sitting down with me?" I said.

She gladly sat down beside me and it was kind of quiet at first but as the seconds passed by we were getting quite comfortable with each other. She asked me what the hell was I saying when I passed by her at the first place? she said she could barely understand something. I looked at her in the eyes and I told her that I thought I saw a top model. She just laughed, and as her cheeks were getting really red, she told me that I was a sweet talker as well as a player. I just laughed and asked her why would she say that to me. Her response to that was that all men are the same. I told her ok! I did not argue with her as I knew that it was a misconception of the male gender. I was a bit annoyed by what she said as well, so I told her that I was going to continue my little walk. As I stood up, she asked me to help her to stand up as well and then with a to and fro movement, she took some sand away from her dress. As I was giving her my last handshake before proceeding to get on the move, she just held my hand I asked where are we going? It was really kind of weird and I said "we?". She said let's go! she was still holding my hand as we were walking along the beach and she was having the time of her life. she was running, jumping around, shouting and appreciating all the beauty that was around her. She clearly had so much pleasure living her life.

As time was passing by, we were learning more and more about each other. We were finally getting along and we did not even knew each other's name yet. She was kind of interesting to look at and listen to. Sometimes she would come up with some kind of weird questions about why was I trying to pick her up. A i would andswer her with a sarcastic answer like because I want to play house with her. Now that I think about it, it was a funny situation as well but it seemed that both of us were having a great time and it was really nice. All this time that we were walking, we were both starving and we finally reached a shop which was the only shop at that time around. We have reached a place called St François. The shop was at a really nice spot where we could eat and enjoy the view of the sea with all the simplicities of life. We took two grilled lobsters and we really enjoyed it. She would came on again with some unorthodox conversations and jokes like she is allergic to lobsters and she just had it or whether did I know that lobster is an aphrodisiac. So much hyphothetical situation that I finally said to myself that this girl must me a real piece of work for her surrounding. However, as time passed by, I got used to her and I guess she got used to me as well.

After lunch, she was wondering what now? I told her that I was going home. Again here, she was like let's go! I asked her whether she had no friends around or anybody who came with her and she was like there is no-one. I was like alright! We took a bus until my place and her joy was spreading more and more. She was talking to my mom as if they have known each other for a very long time and I was surprised to see that. Then, I pulled her in a corner and told her that take the idea of sleeping at my place off her mind. She said ok! I don't know how she pulled that one off but after five minutes my mom told me that she proposed my friend to stay at home today. I was ok with it or let's say I had to be ok with it. We had a great diner all together and we were off to bed after that. Around midnight, I heard someone openning my bedroom door and lie down beside me. Concerning the rest, you decide what did you think happened.haha