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The Perfectionist

Life is simple but it does not mean that it is easy. Life according is all about a set of rules and guidelines that we need to follow and in doing so it will make things a lot easier in a sense for us. It is all about balance as well as we need to know when to have fun and when to work to work in order to get what we want. We all have responsibilities nad tasks to do. Once we are settle with our responsibilities, we all know that we can go on without any fear or worry.

When I think about life, for me the most important thing to have a healthy mental health is not health as many people can suggest. The most important thing is having a peace of mind. The peace of mind for me is when we have a sense of accomplishment. Peace of mind for me is when I finally get the job done at the right time. Remember the first time that you have completed a task in your life, you were so proud of it right! You might not remember the first task but at least there is something that you have done in your life that makes you proud. Well this pride, i feel it everytime I complete a task that I did. It is not simply about my ego but it is just the feeling of having completed what need to be done that makes me proud and happy. It is something really hard to describe but for me pride is something personal. When I talk about my own pride, I do not compare myself to others but instead I compare it with the previous task that I did or my other performance.

I think that it comes from my up bringing. Since I was a kid, my family never gave me a gift out of the blue. They always told me that I will have to earn what I wanted to have and I had to earn it in the right way. It feels as if they were already programming so kind of work ethics in me from the beginning. In a sense it is very good because I learned how to do things the right way. However on the other hand, it turned me into some kind of maniac because I always wanted everything to be perfect. The exact term to be precise here is that it turned me into some kind of perfectionist. Well, you may say it is a good thing but the problem with being some sort of perfectionist is that everything has to be where they belong. You can never accept the fact that something is not working in your way. You will be on it over and over again until you find the right approach to unlock the puzzle. Most probably, you will be busy most of the time and most of the time it will be with work.

It is really hard to be like that but once you can find the winning formula, you will be unstoppable and most probably the number one in whatever you are doing. If you look at the most successful personalities, most of them are perfectionists. you will see that they are tidy in their work or whatever they are doing. they do not tolerate mistakes and errors. They really got great work ethic and doing what they are doing is what makes them happy and effective.