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The Idea of Having a Child

Today I was talking to my psychologist. We were texting each other and I came to ask her about what is it likes to have a kid? What is it like to be a parent?  And she asked me!

“ Are you going to be a parent soon?”

Of course I am not going to be a father soon! So, I told her no! I just ask her this question out of curiosity.

Well! The answer she gave me was quite neutral to me and I perfectly understood her. She told me that it depends on people. Some people may see it as a job that is hard to do and some people may see it as a blessing. A blessing! In the sense that a child will bring a lot of happiness in their house!


It kept me thinking! The birth of a baby is always a blessing according to me. Sometimes it just comes as a blessing in disguise. But the thing here is that there is a time for everything. Uuuhm! I guess!  Let’s put things in this scenario for a minute:

If you do not have a job, it means that you have no salary. No salary, which leads you to no money! No money leads you to be not really able to be independent. In a sense, you are not able to take care of yourself yet. So to take care of a baby at this time around seems to be a little odd to me! If you have a baby, you will have to spend money and give him or her the best care that you can.


On the other hand, it can make you become more responsible. You will be less lazy and more sensible. Because when it comes to taking care of a baby there is a pattern to follow as well as self-discipline. This reminds me of one of my friend who was someone who did not care about anything in his life. However, when his daughter was born, he changed his lifestyle completely and now he is a hardworking and sensible man.


But now I am saying that I am not ready to have a child but the reality is that you never know. You may say that you are not ready but when you come across the situation you realize you are absolutely ready. But as a very young man, if I am having a child now, it will be difficult for me in terms of time and so many other stuffs involve. But what I am sure of is that even if I get a child today, tomorrow or in the next ten years, I will love him or her the same. It does not matter if your child comes early or late. What matters is that you love your kids. What matters is that you fight and give your best to give your kid a better life. Because your kid should be your legacy! No matter how he or she is, it is still your child.


So many people around say that having a child has put a full stop to their youthful exuberant life. For me, I don’t think so. The fact of having a kid just make you change your ways of doing things. You have to take some decisions that are really important but to be fair all you do for the kid is because you love him. So a newborn will never be a burden. A newborn is a blessing.

A newborn is life.


By the way! My message for the younger ones out there is that if you do not think that you fulfill the criteria to be a father or mother very soon, so be careful! I do not have to go into full details. You know what to do already.