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Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be a really nice experience. You will get to know more people, you will have new friends, new activities and a lot of things to discover. When we think about it, all these new adventures seems exciting. However, it has a hidden curriculum as almost everything has it nowadays by the way. Here i will give you some food for thought before you engage yourself into an adventure like this.

First of all, you need to be careful with your wallet. Because the things that happen most often to students is to get broke by the end of the month. So in a sense, you need to spend your money wisely and carefully. And i would advise you to pay your house rent, internet and electricity before you engage yourself into other spending.

Next issue that you can face is to get homesick at the beginning. You may be strong and say to yourself that i am better alone but frankly speaking it is your ego that is speaking. Personally, i was homesick during my first month abroad. In this condition, you will have to say to yourself that the beginning is always the hardest. So you will have to prepare yourself mentally because you will not have much friends around at first. So be prepared for this.

Next to this, the other problem that you can face is cultural clash. What do i mean by cultural clash? Cultural clash is just see people doing unusual things in terms of behaviour that you don’t do back in your home. So, when it comes to this you have to be very careful as well. What is not considered as normal back home, it can be considered as normal back there. Like maybe at home you will say you feel cold straight away if u are feeling cold in class but however in some countries you’ll have to adopt a more indirect approach. Sven when it comes to religion and clothing, some countries value more those cultural stuffs compared to your home country.

Then you have to make sure that you have the right people around you. It is normal that you know new people that everything is nice and perfect because everybody want to show a good image of themselves at first. But you still have to be sensible in that sense as peer pressure can be extremely dangerous. I would advise you to pick one or two good friends in order to avoid yourself huge disappointments.

The last issue that you can face i think it is in terms of food. If you love good food from back home, you’ll definitely get problems while trying to feed yourself because some places they love spicy and you actually don’t. And the food that you want is extremely expensive there. But this depends on people. But in the long run it will become frustrating. However you can do grocery shopping and cook your own food on a daily basis. This is better as it is cheaper and you will enjoy your food more.

The best thing to do to make sure that everything goes smooth is to do some research about the country where you are planning to go. However despite all these struggles, i am sure that you will have a great time there. You will go to parties that you’ve never seen before. You try a new perspective in life and most importantly you’ll gain experience and you’ll grow up. It will be fund this is the only thing i can tell you. You’ll get a lot of emotions and discover more about yourself.

I hope that these tips can help you a lot if you or your children are planning to go study abroad alone by themselves.