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Stop the Social Pressure

The kind of pressure that the society put on ourselves nowadays is huge people. I mean really huge! what is going on! It is sad to say that but there are certain things that are hard to understand.

Yesterday, I had to take some paper works from a friend of mine. When I reached her place, I called her to just come downstairs to give me the papers. She asked me to hold on for a while. Eventually I waited for her at the gate! She came forty five minutes later. I was like what is going on here? lol! She told me she was wearing her make up! I was like ok! lol! I asked her whether she was going somewhere! Can you believe that she told me she was wearing make up just to come downstairs! lol! It was at her gate people!

Please do not get me wrong here! I do not have anything against make up! but come on! I was just speechless! I do not blame her though. Our society has become like that. The kind of pressure that women face is huge. And media is not really helping much in that sense. 

But the pressure is not only on women nowadays! It is on men as well. Most men nowadays want to be fit! Most men want to be like the unrealistic models on the magazines. There is nothing wrong with that! I totally understand that. But I believe that you should do something that you want and that you love. So many times I've heard people saying that someone is too skinny or is too fat. But believe me! If someone loves you, she will love you for who you are. Yes you will be more 'attractive' according to the definition of society and media. But how many partners will you have to try before finding the right one? You will be successful for sure though. 

But being fit is healthy! So I do believe that if you are hitting the gym, it is really good for you. You will have a balance diet and everything that comes with it. So keep it up those that are doing it with a lot of passion. We are being subliminally indoctrinated by media. so let's be careful about what we want to incorporate in our lives.

As from now, let's be careful to what we say to one another as well! For me personally I do not care about other people opinions about me because I have a huge self-esteem. But there are a lot of people who are sensitive to these things. So instead of putting pressure on each other, instead of bullying each other, let's love one another. Compliment one another! See the good in every single person.

I hope that this message goes through and you are all amazing people. There is no doubt about that. Have a great day people!