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The heart is for human kind

Show me your friend i'll tell you who you are!

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are! It is true that friends share the same values, beliefs and culture most of the time. But to what extent is this quote true. How much can you resemble your friends? I don't know for sure how much do friends share the same characteristics but what I can tell you is that the opposites attract each other.

Very often, we are very judgemental about a group of people. In other words, If I am sitting down with my friends at the beach and they are consuming beer for instance, in the eyes of the society it definitely means that I am a huge beer consumer as well. However, the reality is that I am just chilling with a group of friends. Why is it like we have to create scenarios in our heads whereby we already chose where to put one another. Why is it like when you see someone from a different skin color or dress code you conclusive make the deduction that this person is from that background and the other person is like that. We have created myths that are so strong that nowadays when we look at someone, we do not really get to know who that person really is. We conclusively draw our conclusions based on those myths.

It is unbelievable that we are in 2017 already and people are still having expectation and prejudices about skin color and ethnic background. When I think about it, I must say that the world hasn't changed much. People are still having those weird thoughts but except the fact that they express themselves in a smarter way nowadays. I am not being negative here but this is how I see things sometimes. Every single person I bet can relate to what I am saying in one way or the other. What some people do not understand sometimes is that as a person from a particular ethnic background, we are not responsible for what these people do, but we are responsible for what we do. We are responsible for our own actions and behaviour.

The fact that we have been put into different categories of people has already divided us subconsciously. As soon as we are born, we are nurtured with values, norms, behaviours and beliefs which are being done to keep peace and harmony. For sure it really helps in guiding each and everyone of us to be good people. On the other hand, as soon as we start to grow up, for some people it becomes a barrior. We are not free to be ourselves very often without knowing that we were not ourselves all this while. We have been subliminally been programmed since we were a kid in one way or the other. So how far are we free? Why do we have to live in a system where there are rules that we never agreed with or we never heard about. Our world is supposed based on peace, harmony and equality. Why is it like some people are homeless and can barely eat everyday whereas some others are wasting and living in houses that have so much rooms that they do not even know how many rooms are there in there house. There are so many palaces which are empty and still  there are so many people sleeping in the street. Does equality exist for real?

The world we are living in is going mad people. let's try to do something about it and protect one another. I am sure if we break everything down, we will find a compromise and change things around. I still believe in humanity.