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Shopping with Women

Yesterday I went for shopping with some friends who all happened to be women. I decided to do so because so many times I could hear my housemate telling me that it is tiring to go for shopping with a woman from your area when you are in foreign land. The next reason also was that I had nothing to do and I said to myself it would be nice to help them.

We first of all went to china town. We were in total six of us and we were only two guys. When we reached destination, the group split into small groups of two. We gave a meeting point so that when the time comes to leave, we would be able to meet and leave all together. Nice plan right? Lol!


The first store we went to was a store where they sell women bags. We saw some nice bags and we asked for the price and it was 120. It was kind of expensive for us. So we try to bargain but the seller refused to meet our price despite the fact that we were his first customers. While we were on our way to move out of the store, the guy called us back and he reached our price. The price went from 120 down to 45. It was a pretty good deal right? But do not get too carried away because despite this we refused to take it and the seller got mad at us and it seemed to me like he wanted to fight me. I was like well, the day start on a good not. It was only like 11:30 am. We moved throughout the different stores and we used the same technique. We asked for the price, we bargain and then we pretend to leave to get our asking price. To be honest, it did not work all the times but at times it worked pretty cool.


This is actually one bad thing about shopping abroad. You always have to bargain. Sometimes I tell to myself that the merchants think that you are a millionaire as long as you are a tourist. Back to business, we were done with china town and we were hungry as well as it was already 12:45pm. So we decided to go to a restaurant and frankly speaking we were not enjoying the food much. We were just eating because we were hungry.


Done with food, we moved to our next destination, which we refer to as the central international market. It was just nearby china town. In fact it was walking distance. We were walking in the heavy sun with three bags already full with stuffs. When we reached there, the environment was completely different. It was less noisy and there seemed to be more order. Some more, the merchants seemed to be more welcoming. It was a bit more expensive but you feel at ease. You could ask for any price without being scared or thoughtful. So, by the time we reached there, we went into all the outlets. From outside to downstairs and upstairs. We bought souvenirs, gifts and toys. My friend bought home decorations and so many stuffs as well. I was really tired but however I was having fun to be honest with you. At last we finally finished our shopping spree but my friend needed some more stuffs to buy that they did not have at the market. So at 4:00 pm we went to the meeting point. When we reached there, nobody was there. But afterwards, two other friends came to meet us. But the rest of the crew went back home. This time we were only four of us. Three women and I! I honestly speaking, I thought they we all settled when I was all the stuffs but as you can expect, they wanted to buy more things. They said that they knew somewhere walking distance. We were following a flag to go there because they know that the flag is near the place. Funny thing, it was not walking distance at all. We walked for good thirty minutes with all our stuffs with us.

When we were almost there, the group separated again and a new meeting point again. Oh my god! We reached there 5:30 which means that we walked for more that thirty minutes.  We decided to meet up again at 6:30. Again my friend and I went to another nearby market whereas the two other friends went for the further shopping mall. By the time we were done, we went back t the meeting point. We reached there at exactly 6:30pm but again, we had to wait for the two other friend who reached the meeting point at 7pm. As soon as they saw us sitting there, they were just laughing and telling us that they were caught in the traffic. Nobody was mad but now it was really difficult to get a taxi from where we were standing, as there was a huge traffic jam. We decided to walk a bit further. On our way we went to mac Donald’s to get some food. I did not have enough energy to even eat. We went to a taxi station after food and there were several taxis over there. But the thing is that they were all empty and no driver inside. We sit down and waited again for a very long time. I decided to go and check around and we ended up taking the train. At the train station again we waited for long. And in the meantime, we were all tired but still had one last place to go for shopping. We were so tired that we were talking about stuffs like cockroaches house, family and food. I was just laughing as I was thinking like what kind of conversation is that!


The train finally arrived. It was 22:41 already. We went into a choked up train as you can imagine. There was no place to sit down at all. We were even feeling sad because there was a woman standing up with her two babies and nobody stood up to offer her a seat.


After like forty- five minutes, we reached the night market and at the night market everybody completed his or her sets. But we had to walk a lot. By the time we were done, it was already around 2:00am. We could see in each and everyone’s face that we were all completely exhausted and almost broke for now. We tried to get a taxi but most of the taxi drivers did not know the destination. After a long wait we finally got one taxi and I put the girls in whereas me I proceeded back home. I walked until home, as it is not really far. I struggled to get home though. But I was happy surprisingly. I was very tired but happy. If anyone asks me to do it again, I will gladly consider it. But it does not mean 100 percent sure.