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The heart is for human kind


Well well well!!! hello beautiful people. Today I am really excited to be here with you as usual! lol! So basically today I want to share with you what I have been up to and how we can help each other.


So, I have just created my patreon profile. For people who do not know what patreon is all about then let me give you a brief explanation. Patreon is just a platform where you can follow artists and writers. In doing so there are exclusive services that you will get from the particular person in exchange of $1 or more.  So in order to get a better idea about what I am talking about, make sure that you clink the link below:



The reason why I have created this platform is because a lot of people have asked for it and that they want exclusive offers. The second reason is that I love what I am doing and I want to expand my passion into something bigger that will benefit to all of us. Lastly, the money that I will get in this fund raising will serve to develop my website, get better equipments and eventually give you the best content that my abilities can provide. So please do not feel shy and go take a look at my 'so called' premium offers.


Next to this it is a motivation for me to continue writing because this is what I love doing and I really hope that I am entertaining you and giving you some food for thought.


So here we are! gradually growing up together and trying new things together. So let's see what we can do and then I can tell you that there are a lot of new and exciting content that will come out very very soon.


Thank you all in advance for your total support and let's do some change that will allow us to walk towards progress. Love you all! and see you soon!