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Now You're Just Somebody that I used to know

Everybody has lost a bond or connection with someone for whom they had great affection or shared a lot of good times together. You may find yourself in this situation with an ex friend, ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. It is a fascinating thing and weird at the same time. Why is it fascinating, well sometimes we make decisions to move on! Move on people, move on in our career and in our relationships. So the destination is always unknown. You may say that this guy is born to fail but at the end of the day he is the most successful one. The weird part is that you have been friends for a long time and suddenly for no reason or because something shitty happen, we don’t talk anymore. And the weirdest part most of the time is like you can’t even smell or look at each other anymore. Some will even do back peeking but for me i don’t really do stuffs like that. I believe if you had a bond with someone, it was with that particular person and not the whole world. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. No worries! After we will say to ourselves that we don’t care and we mean it.

One more thing that i have noticed is that it is better to let go than holding on when it comes to those situations. This makes me think about my first girlfriend. She was very beautiful but she was crazy. She was kind of a sex addict as well. So from this point she was kind of disturbing and i had to tell her that it’s time to let her go cause i don’t feel anything anymore. Of course this situation happened for a valid and legit reason. But there are certain things that you cannot control. For my ex, i found the reason to leave her. It was my choice. However i have lost one of my best friend because she changed country. Her family moved to Iceland. I am sure that despite we had such amazing moments together back in the days, she won’t recognise me or talk to me if she bump into me right now.

Here is another thing  that im sure we all did before. Lets put it like this. lol! You and your friend Ali are sitting down on a bench in school during your free time or lunch time. Whatever! Ali saw the guy that you used to hang out a lot with before and Ali will follow by telling you:

“hey! look over there it’s your very good friend”

The response to that is very funny. hahaha. you will reply as follow

“well! He’s not a very good friend of mine. He’s just a friend. He was a good friend. He’s just someone that i know”

There is a lot of answers in that situation. But the thing is that we never admit that we enjoyed the companionship of that particular person. It is like every time we want to qualify this person by all kind of adjectives except the fact that we don’t want to use that word friend. Even though you are still in good term with that person, you just don’t want to be associated with him or her.  Is it our ego that drives us to think like that? What is it?

I have read few articles about these situations. They talk roughly about the lifetime of friendships and relationships and ways to keep them going. However i did not go deep into the matter because for me relationships and friendships are meant to be lived and not to be read about. Every situation that we get into is very important for our self development. These are the things that will help us become a better person and find out who we really are.

Society as well as the people close to you make put label on you but you are the one who know who you really are,. You are the one who will talk to yourself the most often. That is why when you did something that the people nearby you see as unexpected and they cannot really accept the change that you brought within you, they will just say this;

“Now you’re just somebody that i used to know”.