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The heart is for human kind

Never Downgrade

If there is something that I have learn so far, it is that we should never underestimate or downgrade anybody. Sometimes we see people acting weird and we judge them without knowing the reason why they act like that. We judge them because they are different compared to everyone else around us.

But when we dig deep, we tend to see that these people are really nice people. For sure they can be drug addict, alcoholic and awkward but trust me! If you are willing to see something good in them, you will see it. This is a fact people! Talkless of what you may say or thing about it. I believe that we should never give up on these people as well as it is never too late to change. Sometimes they just need a bit of confidence and trust and here we go. They get on their way to do great things already. And afterall, we need all kind of people to make a great world. Sometimes we do not understand them for shoes but sometimes we need to walk in their shoes as well.

These people tend to surprise us in the most unexpected ways as well. Very often they are the ones who are ready to give us a helping hand in whatever we are doing. They may have their weaknesses and it is something that we all have as well. But trust me! When they do something for us, they do it with their heart and not for their own interests as they got nothing to lose. It annoys me sometimes how quick and easy it can be for us to judge people despite the fact that we were not raised with such an attitude.

For me personally, I got no problem talking to anybody. I see beyond the outfit or the kind of lifestyle that you have, When I do look at someone, I want to know who you are and not how the society and the system we live in qualifies you. I think that it is time for us to love one another. Protect our race which is human race. help one another where we feel that it is neccessary. I am not a saint! I am a normal human being as all of us here. But I still believe in humanity. I believe that great things can happen when we stick and work together for the right cause.

I have decided to write about that today because this morning I had a conversation with a grown man who has a disability. He does not as a 'normal' man of his age should act for sure but one thing is for sure. He is happy being himself and he got no pressure. There were things that he was saying that may sound silly for some people but for me they were entertaining and inspiring. No matter what everybody is saying about him, I believe in him. I do believe that he can still walk towards progress and I believe that all of us can do great things as well. I wish you all the best people! In my eyes you are all amazing and without you the world would not be the same.