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My first time Cursing

I will always remember my first time cursing. It was a very embarassing moment for me but now that I think about it, it is kind of funny. To be honest with you it was not my first time cursing as I was a very sensitive kid. So as a kid I wouldjust curse from inside. I am sure that a lot of us can relate to what I am saying here. When I talk about my first time cursing I am relating to the first time I cursed in front front of my parents and kins.

I cannot really remember it in full details but I will try my best to give as much details as I can. I was possibly around nine years old at that time. It was new year and we all moved to my uncles house for the celebrations. There was my mom, my dad, my grand mother, my aunts and uncles as well as my cousins. What was happening then was that we were all sitting down in my uncle's house and we were eating, drinking and talking. There were lots of talks going on such as what are the crazy stuffs that my cousins and I did throughout the year. Then, there were talks about football and politics.

Being kids during that time, my cousins and I were not really enjoying that particular moment as we were not intersted in what they were talking about except for soccer. What happened next was that one of my cousins propose that we go in front of the house and play some soccer. As we were all excited by the brilliant idea that he got, we quickly went out with the ball and went to the yard which was made of concrete. We were all playing fine but sometimes bad things happen. Frederic who happened to be one of my cousins broke a window pane with the ball. When the adults heard that, they all came out to sadly admire the damage and scold all of us. We were consigned and had to get back inside to sit down and enjoy the afternoon together. However, Frederic was having a hard time with all of us as everybody was mad at him. What he did to make himself forgiven was that he went into another room, steal the ball and the we all proceeded one by one outside to play again at the same place without the knowlege of our elderlies. We had to play quietly so that they do not get to know what we did and what we were doing.

We were playing fine and when we scored goals we were celebrating them very quietly. But our parents were clever in a sense I guess because we usually are not the quiet type of cousins. During the game, frederic tacked me very badly and we were still on the concrete. I just told him motherf****r what is wrong with you. As soon as I turned around I saw all the elderlies watching us and the mom of frederic was there as well. Her reaction and respond was brilliant as well at that time. she replied back in saying:

" Did the mother of Frederic did something wrong to you?"

It was not over yet as my grand mother added her part asking me what did I just said and my parents were left shoked. It was just embarrasing for me. I did not know what to do or say. I did not know whether should I go back inside or not. I was just there and if someone cut my veins with a knife during that time I am sure that there would be no blood. It was just cold blooded. That day we all got an ass whooping for misbehaving. I got mine twice as I did greater damage to the celebration. after the whole as whooping however, we all could sit down quietly and appreciate the family moment that we were having. I was as if we were looking for that ass whooping. Moments like this are moments that should be immortalise according to me as it is equivalent to the first step of a baby except the fact that it is a step towards the wrong side.