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My Best Friend

My best friend is someone who is very talkative. He likes to take initiatives and he has a kind of aura that attracts people to come and open up to him. When he meets someone new, he can tell to that person exactly what perfume is he using and what brand of shoes and clothing he is wearing. I will not hide that every time he does that, the people go crazy and are instantly fond of him. Mostly girls! Ha-ha! Well you can say that there is a beauty in everything that he does. From his dress code to his eloquence!

Nonetheless, behind everything there is a hidden curriculum. He is someone that is really friendly and conspicuous but still he is a lonely ‘cowboy’. The reason is simply because everybody thing that he is engage and he is not. So he is single! And that is kind of sad. Next to this, the problem with having a lot of people around you is that you don’t know who is genuine and who isn’t. It is the sad truth but it is an absolute truth.

Please do not get me wrong here! I do not have trust issues with people. But sometimes, there are certain things that are clear to see! There are things that our body language cannot hide. We may be saying yes with our mouth but deep down we are saying no. Is it a good thing? I don’t think so! But what I can say is that every day I thank god for having a friend like him. We share our pains and joys together. Sometimes we can spend the whole night talking about our issues.

Everybody think that we are brothers because we are always together. But the reality is that we are brothers from another mother and another country. Life is amazing when you have a best friend people! I am sure that you have a best friend as well. Usually you don’t have to speak much to understand each other. A smile, a body gesture and a raise of eyebrows most of the time can say it all.

This is a kind of simple pleasure and gift that life gives to us very often. Sometimes we misuse them or sometimes we are being used. But hey, there is no time to complicate things. We have a life which is a perfect imperfection. What we can do is that we can try our best to make the most out of it. We have our own principles and personality. That is the most important. Respect one another and do not allow small and petit things get the chance to bring you down.

Well, here we are people! Respect and love one another. Cherish every single moments that you have in life and be more grateful for the small gifts that life gives us such as a best friend for instance.