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Mr Cooper

I used to have a dog before and his name was cooper. Cooper was one of the most clever and strong dog so far that I’ve known so far. He was the kind of dog onto which you can rely only in moments of distress and trouble to protect you. He would never pee or do anything wrong inside the house. Cooper was just an amazing talk. When he will need to go out he will allow any member of the family that he needs to go out or even for food.

However the only problem with cooper was that apart from our family members, cooper did not have any other friends. The reason is because the parents were working during the day and the kids were at school. So usually the family will just take cooper for a walk at night and concerning his food during the day he already knew where and how to get it. The most astonishing thing about cooper was that he has never received any drill or training. He was just very clever on his own.

In a sense I feel really sad for Mr. cooper though. Every night when we bring him for his daily walk in the garden we can see that he wants to make friends with the other dogs but he always come back. Sometimes I feel that he has not socialized enough with other dogs maybe this is the reason why he has difficulties making friends with other dogs. Mr. Cooper is a really big German shepherd. You can see that he is physically bigger than the other dogs at the garden. But as soon as one of the dogs barks at him he will just run away towards us and we will be always there to comfort him.

After few hours at the park we will get back home give him a good shower and the day of cooper was perfectly accomplished.  I was always sad, as he couldn’t make any friend. It’s hard for us and for him to live without a friend but one good thing was that he still had us always ready to love him. However one night another dog bite Mr. Cooper and we had to rush to the veterinary clinic to take care of him. The other dog has bite his left ear and we had to give him medication everyday.

I will not hide that I always Mr. Cooper to be more of a fierce dog. So, at the clinic I sat down with the veterinary and asked him how can I make cooper more of a fierce dog because it always makes me sad when I see him alone without any other friends apart from us. So he asked me why do I want to make him fierce? And after I gave him an explanation about what is going on, he told me that Mr. Cooper is kind of all for these things but I can still look for a trainer despite that he is against the idea. After all it is the well-being of Mr. Cooper that was in question. So I decided not to go forward with the idea despite that it really painful for me to always see him always thoughtful and playing by himself.

As hid best friend I was absolutely desperate to help him but I had no idea where to start and make him a happier and less coward dog. So I did some research about how to train my dog and how to help my dog having more friends. I sat for hours reading over and over again what is the best thing for my dog. I had a lot of different answers to my question but I was still skeptical about whether these training will really fit to Mr. Cooper.

After deeply going through the options, I decided to give him a daily morning walk in addition to his nocturnal walks. Before going to class I bring him to the park for my daily jogging and I would let him play by himself there before taking him back home. The first week was hard because when the other dogs refuse to play with him he will just lie down by himself in the park and keep thinking. I did not touch him or do anything to him. It was time for Mr. Cooper to finally standing up on his own and finds his way. The next week, Mr. Cooper started to impose himself among the other dogs. He started to take the lead and all the dogs were following him. I was happy about that. When the other dogs barked at him I could see that he was still scared but this time Mr. Cooper did not run away but instead he decided to be brave in front of threat. I was finally starting to see the progress of Mr. Cooper. Moreover, he seemed to be more happy and proud dog. When we were on our way home I congratulated him, pet him and rewarded him with some food and toys. He was just running around my legs, as he was so excited and happy. It was unbelievable! He seemed to be happier, friendlier and as the days pass by he was having more and more friends who liked to be around him.

However, one day in the morning there were two usual visitors who were fierce Rottweiler came back to the park. Their name was Sammy and Gloria. They were the ones who always bullied every dog. They were the terror of the park and when the other dogs see them they were scared because they are big huge scary fierce and bad dogs.

Mr. Cooper and his friends were playing happily around the park when suddenly Sammy and Gloria made their apparition in the crew. All the dogs were scared even Mr. Cooper because he knew they were bullies and that they were tough.  Even me I stopped running and watch them, as I was very scared too. All the other dogs went behind Mr. Cooper because they felt safe around him and cooper was the strongest amongst his friends. I knew Cooper was a stronger dog now but I did not know to what extent. Sammy and Gloria were walking around Mr. Cooper and his friends as if they were their preys and they were preparing to attack. It was very scary but from now on, it will take a lot more to make Mr. Cooper feel scared. Mr. Cooper was the first on to bark and ask what is this all about. Sammy and Gloria fiercely barked at him but Mr. Cooper replied back and he rapidly jumped on Sammy the bully and his friends jumped rapidly on Gloria. After few minutes, Sammy and Gloria ran away because they were defeated and scared of Mr. Cooper and his friends. Unfortunately Mr. Cooper was injured on his left ear again but this time he was brave and happy. All his friends proudly gathered around him and were checking on him and licking his face, as they were all happy that cooper stoop up for everybody and scared the bullies. Mr. Cooper was a more respected dog now in the park and the bullies was now scared of him. I was worried about him also. Therefor I took him to the clinic again to check his left ear and the veterinary told me that Mr. Cooper seems to be more lively and happy now. After getting his care Mr. Cooper and I went back home happily. From now on Mr. Cooper was a super hero for his friend, a star at the park and the joy of the family. Everywhere we go we can bring Cooper now and if there are other dogs over there, he will make new friends and play with them.