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Melaka Trip!

Last week I went to Melaka and to be honest with you here it is my favorite place in Malaysia. If I am to mention all the reasons why I am so fond of Melaka, words will not be enough to describe why it is so. But today I will try my best to give you the different reasons why you should go to Melaka.

First of all, Melaka is completely different from any other places that I have been to in Malaysia. The lifestyle over there is just absolutely awesome. At first the place seems to be a bit crowded but that’s the beauty of it. Seeing a panorama of people going to and fro around the area is just amazing. You will get to meet people of different races and ethnicity. You will instantly get new friends as well. Myself, I got a lot of friends from France over there.

Next to this, there is a lake over there people! The lake is just magical. When I go there, I feel like I am in Venice! On both sides of the lake there are the houses that were built since the Portuguese era. It is just beautiful! If you are going there as a couple, it is definitely the place to be. Mostly at night! It is just Wow!

Another activity that you will able to do there is to go around and get a couple of nice photos. There are aero planes and trains from back in the days over there. There are even boats. So this place is basically the best place to take family pictures as you will be able to get some unbelievable picture backgrounds for your whole family.

Nonetheless, the most amazing part of Melaka is the attitude of the people there. Most of them are very chill and laid back. There is no urgency there. You can walk through the various streets that they have safely. Talking about the streets, at night there is a night market where you can do your shopping as well. You will get to taste the different foods that they have there. You will get it from Malaysian to western food and you will get to purchase the cheap traditional products that they have. If you haven’t got the chance to do so, I advise you to give it a try. You have nothing to lose after all.

From museums, acquaintances, love stories and restaurants, there are so much things that you can try. If we continue mentioning them, we will not have enough time to talk about them all. But if you are willing to go there, you can take a bus which is around ten ringgit or you can drive or you can just take a taxi. If you are planning to spend a couple of days there also, you can get hotels and hostels easily depending on your budget. The prices start from twenty ringgit and they are nice, safe and clean places as well. And the last but not least, you will get to meet nice people and a warm welcome. Without the benefit of a doubt, I am going to Melaka this week-end. What to say more! I love Melaka!