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Love and Relationship

It is always nice to have someone in your life. But when it comes to love, you have a choice between accepting that person completely with all her qualities and flaws or accept the person by ignoring these flaws. When we think about love, we always have this kind of perfect picture in our head which is like live happily forever. But one thing that I have noticed is that it is not always the case.

I do believe that when it comes to love, you need to have compassion and care for each other. You need to know when to let go and accept some things that maybe goes against your ways. But be careful here! I am not saying that you must always be like that. But sometimes you need to get loose. For instance, maybe you do not like watching series but if your partner asks you to do so with her I think that the best decision would be at least to try it once. You never know! It is highly possible that you will have the moment of your life by doing so. But to be honest here, when I think about love on a personal point of view it goes to another level.


Compared to some of my friends, I do not have a specific criteria when it comes to love. Some may say I love her blonde, blue eyes and tall. But for me it is something else. The woman that I am looking for has to love me for who I am. When I say who I am, I am talking about my personality and not my social status or external outlook also. The woman that I am looking for has to take me to places where I have never been and to places where we can enjoy together. I do not really care how she looks as long as she has a genuine love for me. For me what you have inside your heart makes me fall for you and not your look. As we always say:


“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”


Well! This theory applies for me. Then one more thing that I tend to look for is faithfulness. Someone that I can count on and who can count of me! Now I am really tired of playing games or seeking everything that moves around. Now is the time to get some stability. And I mean a genuine stability. From there we can see what happen next. Sometimes I ask myself what if I meet love for real. How would it be? Well! I think it would be the most amazing moment of my life. But I am not in too much of a hurry when it comes to love. Because first of all, before making such a big call you need to be able to take care of yourself. Then, you need to have an absolute certainty about what you are doing. You cannot just go and mess up people’s life and feelings.

Next to this, if you are in love with someone or in a relationship, make sure that you are with that person for the right reason. So many people out there are together for the wrong reasons. Some are together only for reasons such as:


“Financial stability, loneliness, sex, to please others and so many similar reasons”


The thing is that you will never be completely happy if that is the reason why you are with someone. You will always feel guilty and remorseful which is not ideal for your mental health. One thing is for sure; if you are with someone for the above mentioned reason then it is unethical because you would not like if someone does this to you or your relatives.


Finally, the only thing that I can say is that if you want to be with someone just be sure that it is for the right reason. And the reason is love. Many people claim not to believe in love anymore nowadays but on a personal point of view I still do. I leave you on a special note today that maybe can be useful to one of you one day.


“Love is like the wind. We cannot see it but we can feel it”



Have a great day people!