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The heart is for human kind

Love and Compassion

There are certain things that we do with good intentions that always end up hurting some people. i do not know why is it so but that is just the way it is. People tend to get sensitive with our actions very often. There are things that we say or write and then people just relate to that automatically and say that we are talking about them or we really lived that very moment. But very often, the reality is that we are just expressing ourselves in one way or the other.

First of all, I want to give an apology to these people evn though i did not meant to hurt them. Then when it comes to social media, we should not believe or trust everything that we see or read. We have the ability to filter informations and I think that when it comes to social platform we need to use our brain instead of our hearts sometimes. We need to remember that the world does not revolve only around us. There are stuffs that we write that do not neccessarily means that we are pointing finger to one person in particular. Most of the time we are talking in general. The same story may have happened to a lot of people and I do not understand why some people get mad about it.

I believe that if we focus on the bad sad of things, things will mostly tend to end up badly but if on the other hand we tend to see the bright side of things then we may see the beauty around us. We will eventually get more time to love one another without being judgemental as well. I am still wondering why is it that we cannot love one another the way we should. But to clear doubts, today I wanna say something.

As a writer, our job is to create a piece of art. Our job is to entertain an audience. Our job is to educate people and provide informations. Here is the deal! Our job is to create a character and give a life to that character. We paint pictures that sometimes can be abstract but still wehave to provide elements of truth in it. So it is normal that some people can relate their lives to a certain piece of work due to the fact that we want to make it down to earth and as realistic as possible. But what is not normal sometimes is how people react to what we do. It is unbelievable. It is as if these people were waiting for that kind of opportunity to try to bring us down.

Here is the truth though. We still love you all despite this. We still love you and value your presence as a human being. You may not like what we are doing but we do like what we are doing. We are happy and we wish you all the same. After all it takes a lot of different personalities to make a world. We stay positive in whatever we are doing. We have our bad moments as well as our good moments but we will never stop loving you. Let's stop looking at the bad side of things but instead focus on the bright side. No matter what is the status of our 'relationship', I will always have love and compassion for human kind. Love me, hate me, say I am dellusional but this is who I am. Love will always triumph.