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The heart is for human kind

Life, Ego and Pride

Should life be that complicated? Why should we work over and over again to  get money? Why isn’t it love for instance. We all work hard to get money and food. Yes! It is true that money contributes a lot to make us happy. But nowadays, the methods that we human beings are using to get money goes against our moral values. Nowadays money can be evil and deadly.

From where i stand right now, i can see a lot of people worshiping money instead of love and respect for each other. Im about to tell you a true story right now. Yesterday i was in a bakery shop, there was a client there who was just in front of me into the queue. He was well dressed and seemed to be well mannered. The girl at the counter was assisting him and she had to put the cake in the microwave for few minutes so that the client gets a better service and hot cake. It was not even up to two minutes and the client was frustrated and bragging about his belongings and social status. When the girl gave him his cake, he refused to take it and ask for his money back as he was clearly pissed. He took back his money, tear the note in front of the girl and word for word said:

“money is not something that i lack”.

Then he left. I was speechless as well as some of the other people who were in the store. I saw how bad the girl was feeling. I bought my stuff and took the cake that the other guy ordered. I told the girl not to worry about him and that she is doing a great job. Then i went out, i sat down to have my coffee and my cake. Around thirty minutes after that, the girl came to my table and offered me a cup of coffee. It was during her break. We sat down and we had a great conversation and I’ve got a new friend as well. She is really a nice person.

Here is it! Im not saying i am perfect or whatsoever but if we spread more love around the world life would be easier. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich, poor black, white or mixed race. We all have love inside of us. We need to work together. We are one race, that is human race. We need to put our ego aside. Why are we concentrating on wealth, power and prestige. By the time we are gone, all these will be left on earth. Lets make sure that we leave a good memory of us behind.

When it comes to money, we lack trust in other people. Is it worth it to go against love for money? I will let you answer this question by yourself. All i know is that even with or without money, i am able to spread love and receive love as well.

To be honest with you, i would have preferred to live in a world where barter system still exist. The reason is that there would be less trouble in the world and you would be doing something that you are really good at instead of going where the actual system brings you. Lets do something great all together. Lets spread love and compassion to our surrounding. After that your actions will speak for itself instead of us talking about our belongings.

This was the only thing that i wanted to share to share today. Maybe at home you can sit down and think about it and apply it. Its really up to you. After all we are living in a free world and you can live your life the way you want. My only request is that we respect each other more and focus on put love first into our lives.