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The heart is for human kind

Let's be Hopeful

Sometimes we ask ourselves stuffs like what is our purpose on earth, why are we here and what is wrong with us. Generally we ask ourselves these kind of questions when we are feeling down. Why are we feeling down?


Because we lost a member of our family and we cannot do anything about it. We feel down because we think that our life is a mess. We feel down because we feel that we deserve better in life. It is mostly during our hard times that we ask ourselves those kind of questions. But today i want to give hope to those who feel hopeless. I want to give a little bit of light where there is darkness and i want to give joy where there is sadness.

Just think about it! We may feel that we are the unluckiest person in the world but we are not. There are more sufferings in this world than we can imagine. Today take a time and think about what is happening around the world. Then think about yours and you will get the answer. One day one of my very good friend told me that we are born to do great things. And that is true. When you take a look at everything around you, you will notice that nothing comes easy. But the outcome is always delicious.


Yes! You may feel that you are oppressed at work. You may feel at school there is a lecturer bothering you with mean issues. You may be struggling to find a job. But let me tell you something! If you fight hard enough to get what you want you will have it. You will notice that there is a lot of successful people around you. The reason is that they continued to fight where the majority decided to stop fighting. Do not give up people. Never! I know what i am telling you right now may sound crazy and too optimistic. But the thing is that this is what keep us going. This is what makes us stronger. This is what gives us satisfaction.

In everything we do though, we have to take a look at the context we are in. Is it really what we want? When you get the answer, just go for it. Believe me you won’t be disappointed. So many times i have heard people complaining about their lives. So many times i have seen people break down. But down i am trying to fix you. Repair the damage that we have done to ourselves even intentionally or not. I am not claiming that i am god for the believers. I am not a politician who can provide you a job and statistics. The only thing i can provide you with is some hope, some joy and some mental strength to move forward.

From now on i hope you can look at your life differently. The things that i am saying are not much but i hope that it is enough. Honestly speaking right now, my hope is your hope. My strength is your strength. I wrote this today because my family and i are in a bad time. The only way that i can at least do something is to write these few lines. Losing someone who shares your blood is never easy. But i still hope. Despite that i am not able to be with them, i hope that they know that i am there for them. I hope that my lost relative will find paradise.


So much things that we haven’t got time to share and he is already gone and at a very young age. It just seem like a candle in the wind. But the exception is that the candle will always enlighten our heart. The memories will always be in our head. As you can see, everybody have their own issues. Everybody has their own pain and sufferings. But now the time has come to get your senses back together. Be strong and present for those who need you and for those that you need. I know that if we all support each other in one way or another, we will get the necessary strength to overcome our sorrow and fears. Caring about one another is key in those moments.