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The heart is for human kind

Let's Spread Some love

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great day or are having a great day. Today I want to spread some love to you all! If you have had a bad, then just remind yourself that tomorrow is another day and that you will get other it. By next week, all your sufferings will be history. For those who are expecting a great day ahead, then good luck with that one. Just stay positive no matter what happen. 


We live in a crazy world people! We are ask to do good into a world that is choked up with crazy people. However, we as individuals we got to do the right thing. It may be confusing when I say that because sometimes when we do good things we get horrible surprises in return right! We just need to act right no matter what the others are doing. Do things with good intention and you will realise that automatically you will have a happy lifestyle. I am not here to tell you that I am a guru, a prophet or a god. I am just here to share some of my life ethics with you.


As from now I am living a happy lifestyle. I've reached to that point because I got tired of trouble and gossiping. Ah gossiping. Before people used to say that women gossip a lot. However nowadays the wheel have changed my dear friends. Men gossip too! And a lot! Whatever! We must not allow those small things reach us. We are all beyond that. We all got love in our heart. So let's just take our time to share love in a world where the love is pretty much missing.


As from now I want to share love people! But to those who always support me! To those who are always there for me! To those who accept me for who I am and for who I want to be! Then same goes to you! I will support you, ı will always be there for you and I will accept you for who you are. Nonetheless! For those who love me, I will love you as twice as much as you love me. I will love you even more than you can imagine. My love for you will be beyond love to the extent that even an encyclopedia cannot classify or find a word to put on my love. My love has no tag people. It is more than love and it is not an obsession nor an addiction. It is beyond everything that you can imagine.


Right now, if you are feeling down and lonely or even in a bad mood! I hope that after reading these few lines you will understand that actually someone cares about you somewhere. You will understand that love is always around us. Love is always within us. Sometimes we just don't know how to share it and express it. But this is something that we can change as from now on. We can at least try to show someone that we care about them and love them. It does not require money or any sort of investment. It just requires a simple hug. It just requires a simple I Love you! I know that you are all very creative people. I know that you will find your way to share love and say I love you without even opening your mouth.


Well! Here is getting late and I am getting very tired. But today before going to bed, I will say it! I will bring it down! I will say what's on my chest.