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Lazy Day

What have I done today? Honestly speaking? Nothing! I woke up today listening to Bruno Mars! Ha-ha! And guess which song? No idea? Lazy song! Damn this song is just really awesome! It puts you straight into a lazy mood.


So, the first thing that I did as soon as I woke up is taking a look at my phone. Then I took my shower as usual. Grab a cup of coffee! Then opened my laptop! After spending a few hours on Facebook, I ordered a pizza for my lunch! I was thinking about doing some drawing, and then I said to myself;


“Am I really going to do that today?”


Eventually I changed my mind and put some music. The kind of music that makes me even lazier! I must confess that I did enjoy the day but it was not really a productive one. While listening to my music I was chatting with some friends who were also having a lazy day as well. And honestly speaking the conversation that we were having was not really that interesting. We were both talking to each other out of boredom. We are both out of our country, so we were just like checking on each other.


Next to this, one of my friends came home and we were wondering what to do? How are we going to spend our day? But we end up talking about stuffs that was not really that interesting again. Nonetheless, we decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood. As usual as it is Sunday, we did not find anything interesting. So we part ways after that. However, one thing that I found interesting today is that there was no traffic jam and it was not noisy. It was so quiet that we could even hear what the neighbors next door were talking about at home.


Then I was back in my room, in my bed, browsing the Internet and listening to some really good music. So French classic! Hmmm! Heaven! I cooked my diner few hours later and ate.

But towards the end of the night things get a bit more interesting though. I was chatting to one of my very good friend and skipping with my family. My friend was sharing her thoughts with me and it was very interesting to me. I really love talking to that particular friend because our conversations always give me food for thought. So I was there talking to her about my stuffs and she was sharing hers to me.


But the sad part when I sit down and think back about what did I do towards my own personal progress? I realized that I did nothing! It is sad but that is the reality. It was a wasted day. And it was my choice as I was not in the mood to do anything even to pick up my phone. This is really weird to me because I always love to keep myself busy. But now it is too late. What has been done has already been done. Now it is time to get back on track and focus onto what to do next. We do not get any reward out of laziness people! The only reward that we get is regret! We would keep on asking ourselves:


“why didn’t I do that?”