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Keep Calm and Enjoy the Ride

I have no idea what is to come but what I am sure of is that nice and big things are already coming. During the time where we tend to feel discouraged, good things tend to happen suddenly. Nonetheless, we got to keep our feet to the ground. Out of nothing, we are starting to get our rewards. Out of passion, we are starting to harvest the fruit and out of hard work, we are starting to see the results.

I felt that my fight was almost over people! And then bang! Out of the blue an opportunity came. Should I take it? I don't know yet. The reason is simply because I need to analyse the situation and see how can I go about it and whether it is worth it. The only thing that I am sure of is that I am enjoying every single moments and steps that I am taking now. These moments, I will never trade them for anything in the world. 

However, to be able to enjoy these moments, I have people who are always supportive to me. if I tell you the names, it will be a never ending list. The people who are always there are my friends and my family. Without their support, I would not be able to do it. What I am trying to do right now, is to thank them for everything. In one way or the other, they have helped me a lot in becoming who I am right now and they are still pushing me to go further and beyond.

Dare to try new things people! You never know where your luck and passion lies. There are certain things that you would never imagine yourself doing and then boom! here we are! It's an explosion of emotions! Great passion and dedication! Most importantly great joy! No matter what happen, do not let these fundamentals leave you. If you lose your joy, there is nothing left. Everything around you will be dull and empty. So let's make sure that we never lose this key element.

The road may be still long! The goal may be still far away! But what I am sure of is that we are not too far. The future seems bright and better thing are on their way already. Forget what has happened before and focus on the future. What has happened is long gone and what is coming is almost done. Day by day, our experience is getting sharper. So let's make good use of it. Can we do it? Hell yes! As I was saying, if opportunity does not come to you, go to the opportunity. In case that you do not know where is it, then create it. Time waits for no-one despite that we always wait for it. Keep calm and enjoy the ride!