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The heart is for human kind

Just Thinking

Sometimes I really feel that we live in a world of lies and illusions. While we are growing up we are taught to listen to our parents and be obeidient. Most of the time our parents will tell us very nice stories. When we asked questions during that time, our surrounding most of the time will ask us not too ask too much questions. Now I understand why! It's because life will give you the answer.

We believed in fairy tales stories. We spend our lives saying thank you and saying please because we believe in what we have been taught. Our parents spend their time creating this kind of sunshine are rain just to please us. But once we start growing up, everything starts to change.

When we grow up, we start losing our innocence, we start to lose hope, we start to become very serious and this situation just keep on going. It is like spiral where we keep on going deeper. can it be the real way we should end our lives? We start with a fairy tale and end up as someone who is too serious or too busy? Why can't we have the same freedom that we had as a kid? Why does things have to be like that?

We get a lot of scars when we grow up! when we were kids as well we got scars. Before there was someone to pick us up when we fall down. Now I do not think that there will be anybody to pick us up. We certainly has to pick ourselves up but sometimes we are too weak to do so. Very often we get tired of everything and tell to life to do it's worse. So that's just the way it goes. That's what growing up can bring to us. We are just busy people working over and over again and it is the end of the discussion. We say that in everything where we look at there is love. I am still looking everywhere and I cannot find it. The world has so much regrets and promises but most of the time unfulfilled.

I do not have anything else to say people! It is just crazy!