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Interracial Dating

I always love seeing mixed couples. Sometimes when i am having coffee in Starbucks or just walking around in the shopping mall and it happen that i see a mix couple, it just make my day. The reason is pretty simple. It makes me realise that we are living in a free world and after all we are only one race which is human race. It makes me realise that the human race has bring evolution and boundaries are minimal nowadays.

These couples are so cute and seem to be so happy when you look at them. They may look different from the outside that is their skin tones or any other physical characteristics but from the inside the are similar. For me it is a very good thing that we have a lot of mixed couples nowadays. First of all, we will discover and understand each other's culture and perspectives a bit more. This will lead to a more open minded. Sometimes things that the media shows about a particular race is not necessarily true. The best thing is to go and discover by yourself.

The next thing is that in terms of health, you are more apt to have healthy babies. The reason is simple. There are hereditary diseases in each families. For instance in mine there is cancer. However is you are a mix couple, the chance of you child having those diseases is really low. So for me it is a good advantage for mix couples who are planning to have children anytime soon. Some more, the babies are so cute right. I just love that idea.

On the other hand there are some disadvantages as well. For instance, the family and friends may not accept the mixture. The reason maybe will be that they are so much into themselves and their cultures that for them it is unacceptable to mingle around. However these stereotypes are slowly and gradually getting down.

Then another problem is that it may lead to a confused child for a moment. Let's say the couple does not share the same religion and obviously the same culture and language. So most of the time the child will not really have and idea which one to follow. At the same time it can have another result which is that his level of tolerance will be higher. He will be more eager to accept new perspectives which is good for humanity. He will have a large view of the world speak several languages and that is awesome right?

Personally, i would prefer having a life partner which is not from my cultural section lets say. It shall be fun. A lot of celebrations and new things to do and discover. All these things depend on individuals. But no matter who you are. Whether you are black, Asian, white or Arab. We are all humans. We tend to forget that and let our culture dominate us. However the thing is that culture is not forever and stable. It keeps on changing every time.

If you are planning to go into an interracial dating or if you are already into it i think that will be or is the best decision that you will ever make. Let's get out of our shells and explore the world. Enjoy different festivities, languages and food. Lets discover new customs and traditions. This world is ours. Planet earth belongs to us. If we don’t make the most out of it efficiently with respect then who will do that.

The reason why i wrote this post is because we are too often scared. We are scared about each others impact on us and our personal point of views. We are scared to try new stuffs. However, we should stop thinking that way and instead say to ourselves:

“why not?”

Let's all try something new and see where it leads us. Believe me you will no more be bored.