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Living with strangers sometimes can get messy. Today i want to give you some of the advantages and disadvantages of having housemates. As long as you are with the right housemate there is nothing wrong. You will enjoy the experience. And it will be even more awesome if you are studying abroad. If you have the right housemates then you have nothing to worry about. Everybody will be well and fully satisfied.

On the other hand, there are some problems that you may face if you are with a wrong one or a new one. The problem that i can see happens most often is that the new housemate may not adapt to your current way of living. You have already a way of living with your all time housemates and the new one comes and messes everything up. How? They may say they have allergies to animals if you have a pet or they may just don’t like animals. The next thing may come in terms of minor things such as payment of fees.

Last time i came across a woman who happened to be my new housemate. When she came she brought up a crazy idea where we should fill a form after using electricity in any way possible. It was like from charging your phone to watching tv. Yes! You heard me right! Lol! Before filling the form we had to check our electricity consumption and then put on paper. At the end of the day we would pay the bills according to the percentage used. That is some crazy deal to be honest. We were used to share our bills equally for two years and now we were about to change our system to accommodate her. Of course you know the end product of all this mannerism.

Another problem that you can face is when one of your housemate is disturbing. Sometimes, you will leave your food or drink in the fridge and when you will reach home it won’t be there anymore. Hahaha!! These kind of situations, i just take it lightly. I will not let it bother me. But there is a limit of course. Some will even disturb you in the sense that even you have your girlfriend around they will come naked out of the bathroom. And the worst situation is a lazy housemate. He will not help to clean but he or she will help to make a mess of the house whether alone or with friends.

But if you have the right housemate, life will always be amazing for you. You can be in good or bad times, he or she will always be there for you. Your housemate can help you through various aspects. He or she can help you financially if you are broke or if you are having problems regarding your bank account. Next way he can help you is emotionally. Mostly during the time you are away from your family, an emotional support is absolutely necessary. If you are feeling down you will always know that there is someone to listen to you and help you get up.

Then having a housemate will remove financial burden on you. Supposedly! Because when you share the bill, everything comes at a lower cost for you. The effect of this is that you can have a better standard of living as you will have extra cash.

Do not just rush to go and live with anybody. Learn more about the person. His behaviours and his habits. Listen wisely and filter what he is saying. That is the way you should look at things before choosing a housemate. One more thing also is to avoid gossiping about each other. The minute you start gossiping about each other, the relationship will be spoil already. If you have something to say, it is better to go straight to the person and talk to him directly. Because it is some real things that are happening. Before the society used to say that women gossip a lot but the reality is that nowadays i can see a lot of men gossiping. Even more than women in fact. Interfering in stuffs that does not require their opinions! But what to do? This is how things are now.

The best piece of advice i can give you is to keep a good relationship with your housemates. If you cannot then try to find somewhere else to stay. If you are living with people that you do not want to, i will have a negative effect on your mental health. You will never feel secure or comfortable. I hope that these few tips will be helpful for you. But now it is time for me to go and spend some time with my wonderful housemate. If you get what  mean!hahah