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Hopefully a Good Story

Well! Last night a woman asked me to write her a story. When i asked her about what should i write, her response was exactly as follow:


“I don't know.. Surprise me.! like a little child hearing a story for the first time.. Haha!”


Here is the thing! i am going to try to do something for you.

It was a Sunday evening and there was nothing much to do at home. So, i decided to call my friend mike and ask for a meet up. At that particular moment we were unaware that that same particular Sunday evening would be an unforgettable and fun evening for us. Eventually Mike as usual is open for anything good. I still remember that the following Monday would be the first day of school after a very long holidays To be more precise here, it was the last day of the end of year holidays. Mike reached some safely and right on time. It was around 8:30pm! Of course mike would never come to my place empty handed. Mike in fact reached home with two bottles of wine.


Unfortunately we had nothing to eat with the wine and we were wondering what will we eat with that wine. After all we are not drunkards. Lol! So we decided to call another two friends who live nearby our place as well. And very soon here they were. Both of them brought two more bottles of wine and their diner which was composed of only meat. Lol! When i think about it , it turns out to be quite funny. They kept their meet for the drink. Mike as usual was so happy about that and was the first to smell and taste the food.


We decided to go to a place that we call the farm. That place is the place to be when we do not have anything to do. So we went to the farm and of course started to open the bottle and start drinking. But the funny thing was that mike did not have his diner at home and he finished all the food without even realizing it himself. Everybody was kind of annoyed because mike was using the little amount of food as his personal diner. Lol!

But we did not really stayed long on that because we were having a very good time drinking and talking. It was just awesome. Then i think fortune was on our way. I don’t know how to qualify that honestly. Let’s just put it as faith. One of the goats has escaped from the farm of my dad and has got an accident where it died instantly. The goat had no external injury. It has just died. We rushed to the roadside and check what happened and there was a big fat goat lying down. My dad came down and saw the goat. He was about to burry it. But mike asked him not to worry as we will do it for him. As for me i could not talk much because the next day was the first day of school and i was still out late night.


From there everything changed. We had no idea what was mike planning to do with this goat. As my dad went back inside the house. Mike as us to hold on. He called another one of our friend whose name was Andy. Andy was the man when it comes to the execution of animals in the right way. Mike asked me to get some utensils from home so that we can prepare the goat. He asked me not to forget the spices as well. So i quickly went home and pick the stuffs that he asked me for.


Very soon Andy was there with the sharpest attires ever. He had a very sharp and long knife as well as a small axe. And the first thing he asked was:


“ where is the goat that i have to execute?”


And mike showed him the dead goat. Andy was very annoyed and we were all laughing because he came with all his equipment. However, we decided to continue with it as we had already lid the fire and prepared the marinade. What Andy did next was that he prepared the goat. He did all the cuttings and cleaning. Mike was in charge the cooking and the two other friends were looking for more small pieces of wood to put into the fire. Everybody was busy. But the only mistake we made was to think that we can finish a whole goat in few hours. The goat was finally ready and we were out of drink already. Some of the drinks we had went into the food and the rest we already finished drinking it.


But Andy was not accepting the fact that he came here only to clean a dead goat and then go home. So we put everything we had so that Andy can take his bike and buy the biggest whisky bottle available. Eventually he came back very soon and we drink and had a lot of fun. But unfortunately we could not finish the food and did not really know what to do with it. It was late night and everybody was sleeping in their houses. I can recall it was the last time we got drunk like that in fact. Nobody knows how they got back home.


Mike on his side could not even go back home as he was too drunk. He slept at my place. And the next day we woke up very early. I got ready, went with him to his house and we went to school together. On the first day of school we were drunk and got expelled for few days of course as the alcohol smell would not go away no matter what we tried to do to mask the smell.

What i want to tell you here is that alcohol is unhealthy when we abuse of it. We may be having fun yes but it can turn to the worse. So please be careful with the amount that you drink. You may tell me that the story is a funny one and there was no tragedy. But trust me, in nights like these anything can happen. We are never too safe. And we kind of wasted a lot of food at that time which is very sad as well. So please let’s be more sensible and avoid these kind of juvenile mistakes again.