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The heart is for human kind


There is no place better than home.It is true that when you live abroad you may have fun, money, a great job and a lot of friends.  But the thing is that home will always be home. Sometimes you will sit down thinking about your friends and family and say to yourself what are they doing.

The kind of love that you get at home is not the same. It is just beyond our imaginations. So many times we take what others do for us as something small. What I mean by that is we will wake up having our breakfast ready and everything just follow up like that. This is our daily routine and we do not appreciate what we have enough. It is only when we leave the nest that we realise that doing those things is not compulsory and not easy. At that moment then we realise that we were living like a king all this time. Here I am mostly talking about the family situations.

Next to this comes to friends! You realise how much you cherish and your friends cherish you as well. You also get to know that you have more friends than you think. Talking about personal experience, I got to realise that some of the people that I know has become closer friends to me and on the other hand side, those who were close are not there anymore. It is kind of an ambiguous situation but this is how it is. This is the way that life goes. However, do not ignore anybody. Stay true to yourself.

Then comes the lifestyle! When you stay abroad, of course your lifestyle and your taste will or may change. You will slightly change even I think. Because you are living in a different context. The only thing is that we should never forget where we come from. But sadly some people do not get it at all. This is one of the disadvantage of staying abroad I think. When you go back home some people will see you as someone else! Some will even tell you that you are doing too much or will even think that you have accumulated millions there. The reality here is that it is not like that at all. It is true that your lifestyle might have changed but that does not make you a millionaire. We got to work like everybody!

But however I am glad I have had the chance to travel and see what is going on in this world. A lot of your perspectives will change about how you see the world. You will value your culture, kins and country more. You will definitely appreciate all the things that you considered as small back then. If you get the chance to do so, I will advise you to go for it. Trust me! You won't regret it.

Here we are! I hope that you will enjoy what I wrote and give you some food for thought. Now it is time for me to leave you. See you soon people!