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Getting Caught Up

We live in a world where we always get caught up in our own world. We are just there being in our comfort zone and once we get out of it, we panic and then we start worrying. We are often so caught up in work that we tend to forget about our friends and families. We forget how to have fun like we used to do before. For sure money is something that is important for survival nowadays but to what extent should we go after it? Some may say that money is never enough and some may say that they want to be a billionaire. But to what extent are we willing to go for money.

Many of us prefer to sacrifice the love of their family and friends for money. Well let me tell you here that it is a big call as well as a big sacrifice. You may have all the money that you desire in this world but if you don't have the love of your family and friends, you will never be fully satisfied. There will always be a missing piece in the puzzle and it is called as love. I have witnessed this so many time and this is the reason why i have decided to talk about this today. I am writing about this today because there are so many 'rich' families out there which have anything that they want when it comes to material needs assets. They have big cars, big houses with all the comfort that they need but unfortunately, most of them are sad and lonely. they are sad and lonely because they are caught up in their tasks too much. They are sad and lonely because everything is a statitistic for them. I am not saying that all of them are like that though.

This does not apply to only rich families though. There are also so many middle class families that are like that as well. Sometimes you will get back home and you want to spend some quality time with your mom and dad. By the time you reach home, you realise that you are back yourself. Mom got caught up at her office and dad is busy finishing his work at home. When they got back home, it is either it is already late or they are too tired. When you look at them, you just get discouraged. That is the reality where we are living nowadays. They go to work, come back, sleep and the next day the same thing.

Now as the younger generation, I hope that we can watch these things and learn. Everything needs balance in life. There is a time for work and there is a time to take care of the people around us whether we like it or not. Just imagine living in a world where there is nobody who got the time to sit down and have a nice conversation with you. Just imagine living in a world where there is no love. I bet it will not be nice at all. So as from now, i wish that we can value all the people around us and love them while we can. Let's not make that mistake again.