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Get Up

Life can get complicated people! There will be always up and down! there will be always rise and fall! what matter is what do you do about it. When you fall down, do you just stay there or do you try to get up? When you get to the top, do you just chill there or you try to stay there?

These are some questions that we need to ask ourselves. Very often when we reach the top we tend to forget how hard we fought to get there. We may be at the top for sure but the reality is that it is not somewhere we will be forever. In the worse scenario if you stop doing the good work you may hurt yourself really badly. It will be even harder to hit the ground because it is as twice as hard when we compare it to the road to the top. So there is always room for improvement people. If you are already where you want to be, please try to keep your belongings safely and wisely. Work towards improvement and seek for more. 

Same goes to when you fall down! When we fall down, we tend to dwell on it for a long period of time. But if we can use this sorrow and wounds properly, then it can be our source of motivation. It can be our source of motivation in the sense that we want to prove the critcs to be wrong. It can be a source of strength in the sense that wendo not want to fall again. It can be in the sense that we know how good we are and we want to be the best.

Sometimes we just make things complicated or things get complicated by themselves. We need to find the right approach. If we find the right approach and mindset, we are absolutely unstoppable. In whatever we want to do, we need to have a plan. Analyse the situation! Then we proceed. Everything single step is a progress. Even falling down is a progress! Because when we fall down, we learn that it hurts. We learn that we do not want to experience this again.

So never be afraid to get up people. It's going to be tough, but we will get through it and we shall rise like the Phoenix again.