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The heart is for human kind


Friendship is a good thing when we do it for the right reason. In fact, you do not need a reason to be friend with someone! you can be friend with someone because you like the way they do their things or you share the same mode of thinking.

According to me, friendship is something that comes from the heart. It is a written contract from inside where you say to yourself that you will be there for someone no matter what the situation is. So many times we see a lot of people together as best friends and then suddenly everything collapse. Most of the time, it is for silly reasons.

When you have a friend or even when you do something for anybody, you should remove all the expectations from your mind. So many times I have heard people say stuffs like:

"I am there for him when he needs me but when i need him he is not there!"

The truth that this is not on this kind of values that friendship should be build on. If you are doing something for someone, just do it with your heart. if you cannot then just say it is impossible. And again here, we should never pretend to be friend with someone only because we need him or her. This is just unethical.

I have personally experienced it! Some people will pretend to be friends with you only because they want something from you. Maybe they want you to help them to finish an assignment or any other reasons. After they got what they want, they are doing with you.

Well! I do not have any heart feeling for these people. I know what I did was right. I let them deal with their own conscience. Anytime they will need my help, I will be ready to help. However, they cannot count on me as their friends! That's for sure!

But if you have a very good friend or good friends, hold them tightly. Keep your relationship as clean and healthy as possible. The reason why I say that is because sometimes we lose our time collecting pebbles not knowing that we already have diamonds in our lives.

Stuffs that we can do to keep the friendship clean is to be honest to each other whether good or not. Avoid gossiping! Where there is gossiping, there is always trouble and confusion. Spend time together and if possible make something productive out of it. We are the ones who can design our friendships the way we want people.

My final word for you here is that I hope that this may help. One more thing is that chose your friends properly. Because when you show me your friends, I already know who you are!