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Friends Reunion

Yesterday night i had a great time with my friends. We were in total six of us. At that time i just woke up as i slept for the hold day. I took a good shower, ate and then jet off to go and meet them. It was around nine pm i would say. I walked there since the place for the get together was not really far.

When i reached there, everybody was already settled and had a few drinks already as well as shisha. Some were drinking coffee and some were drinking juice i greeted everybody and shared few jokes with them. Then they went on to ask me whether i slept well and what have i been doing the previous night because i slept the whole day. My answer was that i was with my girlfriend. They were hungry for some details but i didn’t gave any. Because knowing them, i know that they will tease me all night long with that.  After a while i just switched off. My mind switched off without going anywhere. What k mean by that is that i was not paying attention to what they were saying nor thinking about something else. My mind just went blind.

Few minutes after, one of my friend noticed that i was not with them like most of the time. She proceeded by asking me few questions. Have you eaten? Do u want me to get something for you? The thing was that i had my diner already and i was not hungry. So i told her that i ate already and that i am really fine. She was not really convinced by that and she just said ‘ok’. She is a really nice person and kind hearted as well.

After a while, she decided to order something because one of our friend said he feel like eating something. So, after thinking about it we decided to take a large Margarita pizza and i decided to have a soft drink as well. What is really cool about being with my friends i think is that our sense of caring for each other is huge. That’s what makes our group to have a solid bond as well. So we were having laughs and we were talking about stuffs. To be honest with you we were just talking about random stuffs. It was not like we were talking about something specific. And despite this, in order to get few minutes to talk is really hard. The reason is just simply that everybody is very outspoken. Yes! We are all kind of crazy talkative people. However we do talk about things that make sense. The great thing about the crew is that we are all from different countries. There is one from Pakistan, one from Sweden, one from lybia, one from chad, one from Nigeria and lastly one from Mauritius. That’s pretty cool right? Its funny as well. I often ask myself how do we do to make everything click and everybody happy. And believe me we were the loudest people over there. Hahaha!

The pizza finally arrived as well as the drink. From that point everybody took a slice. One of my friend was taking fork and knife to eat his pizza. Instantly he was stopped by another friend. And it was pretty funny. The were calling him Mr Donald due to something similar that happened to a guy name Donald in united states. Except that Donald was eating kfc or mac Donald’s with fork and spoon. To be honest with you i don’t even know who that guy is. I just listened and share a laugh. And we all were eating quietly until another friend said that the pizza is not good as there is not enough chicken. And another one said that the pizza was burn already. For me personally, i did not really care about it. But they were saying so. I just listened. When the waiter passed by, they politely told it to him. When i say politely it is really politely. They said it to him like whispering as well so that the other customers do not hear it. After that, he said he cannot do anything about it. He said it nicely. However, from his face i could see that he was pissed. I noticed it but i did not say anything to my friends. The reason i kept it for myself was because if they knew that the waiter was pissed, they would address him in public. And i did not want to create that kind of issue because after all we were all having a good time.

The food done! We were still chatting and this time we were talking about marriage. I don’t even know how did the conversation got there. All i know is that we were talking about it. We were talking about how marriage differs according to countries. It was really an enjoyable conversation. One of my friend was telling his story. The story is just crazy but fun to listen. The story is as follows:

He was having his Holliday and he was in a bar at night. There were people dancing and a lot of tourists there. What happen next was that he decided to go to toilet to ease himself. On his way to toilet, he saw a woman crying. Eventually he was so kind hearted that he had to go to her and ask what’s wrong! After this question, the woman continued crying by putting her head on his shoulders. Then she told him that she is from Sweden, she came here with her partner for vacation and guess what?

He was cheating on her in that same bar. He was dancing, having fun on the dance floor and even kissing the woman with whom he was dancing. Yes you read it right! That’s just crazy right! So my friend told her that she should just take her stuffs and leave. However, she told him she need company to go to her hotel. From there she paid for another room and spent the night with my friend over there. To be honest with you, i don’t know what happened that night but knowing my friend, i think that something happened at night. He was just laughing while telling that story. And everybody was attentive.

Finally we continued our chat though and at the same time thinking about how messed up that situation was and my friend took advantage of it. When i took a look around us though, everybody already left except the waiters. I think that his patience was at the top because he has already bring in the chairs and tables and we were taking our sweet time. It was past closing time already. He brought us the check. We eventually paid but we still sat down there. At last, instead of asking to leave he just switched off the light. When we took a glance at the time, it was already two thirty in the morning. By then we decided to leave. My housemate and i walked back home whereas my other friends went back home in a fake lamborghini.