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The heart is for human kind



Waking up in the morning! Doing the same thing over and over again. Is it really what we are best at?

Everyday most of us wake up in the morning. Take a shower, brush our teeth and take a breakfast. Sometimes we do not even have enough time to take our breakfast. After breakfast we are off to work. While going to work we are stuck in the traffic. When we reach work we meet our boss and colleagues. After work we drive or take a train to home. In the scenario where we are driving home, we are stuck in the jam again. Here is our daily life routine.


Now i am wondering whether is it something that we really have to do? Is it the life that we are meant to live?

It is true that we have to work to get money to eat and take care of one another. But why is it so hard and complicated sometimes? This is a question that i haven’t got the answer yet. We all say that we are happy but to what extent? Is it a full satisfaction? I am not sure about that one. Any way i do not think that we are living using our full potential. We have the ability to be wiser and smarter but we do not know how to use it. I can feel that human kind intelligence is bigger than this. I can feel that there will be a time where we will live in a world with no terrorism, no racial prejudices and sickness will be gone.

Our kind is getting better i must say. We are more advance in terms of technologies. Nowadays every minute there is something new that is invented. Our creative side in art and literature has much evolved. Now what remains to be seen is what is coming next. You can give me your thoughts about it later.


Despite that human race has evolved a lot, there is still a lot of things that we do not know when you look at things in terms of individuals and not as a whole. How can so people unlock their brains to see the bigger picture whereas some of us cannot? It is the question that pops up in my head every time. Do not be mistaken! I am not saying that i envy these people. But i have the side effect of asking myself that question.


It is just like when we were kids and a magician pulls out his trick and we are left with this question in our head again. Sometimes we say it loud to him or her.

“ how did you do that?”


We have so many answers today without even knowing the question. This is weird for some of us sometimes but that just the way it is. On our phones sometimes we get new features that we are unaware of their use or that we did not ask for. Hey! But this is how we are moving forward now.


Finally i know one thing for sure. Human kind is full of power and intelligence. A lot of times we do a lot of mistakes. But if we learn how to use our power, skills and intelligence together, there is no way that we won’t be happy. There is no way that we will not have a better world. Right now i know that our body and brain is not working at 100percent. I cannot wait to see what the final outcome will be.


I chose this topic today because i was quite thoughtful about those things this week. I was thinking about why do we have to leave this world one day and why do we have to live? Where do we go after this world? How do we go there if there is really paradise? Why do we laugh when we are happy? Why do we cry when we are sad?


I have no idea why i came to there but for now these are the mysteries of life that hopefully very soon can be set clear.