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Drunk People

Drunk people are nice and interesting people most of the time. They are really funny as well. lol! I saw a drunk guy yesterday and that made my day. It made my day in the sense that the guy was all other the place and it reminds me as well about the moments where I have encountered drunk people.

When we talk about drunk people also, we realise that they have different personalities.


The first kind of drunk people that I have met was a girl who barely talks. Sometimes I had to keep on asking her a lot of questions in order to get some answers. she would even answer me with a one word answer when she can. however, one day I met her at a birthday party and she was drunk. That day, she went from being an introvert to a completely extrovert person. I was really happy but at the end of the day I had to say "Calm down!" lol!


The other memorable moment that I had again was with another friend. He is really kind of shy when it comes to talking to people. Nonetheless, one day we went for camping at the beach. we had few drinks and eventually he got drunk. That particular day, the quiet friend just went to talk to some girls who were passing by and total strangers to us. He talked to them in a seductive way to the extent that the girls were fond of him. The good thing though is that one of the girl is still his girlfriend nowadays and we are all still very good friends.


My favourite drunk people are the ones in bars, club, pub or karaoke. These people are exceptional. They will not be scared to dance and try new steps. They will not be scared to just take a microphone and sing in front of each and everyone. They will not be scared to take the stage and do some jokes in front of an audience whether it is lame or not. Lastly they will not be scared of seducing anybody. These people are not scared of anything in fact.


But as everything has it's good and bad side, drunk people have theirs as well! Some people will get so drunk to the extent that they cannot even walk. Most of the time, the bouncer will just throw them out. It is really sad but we cannot do anything about it for now.


Then there will be those who will not be able to control themselves in public to the extent that they will puke, get nasty, pee in their pants and we can go on like that all night if we want to. It is just another level of drunk.


Afterwards come the one who will always pick fight with people when he is drunk. And it is not a good thing according to me. It is not a good thing in the sense that you will put yourself in trouble as well as the people around you.


Lastly, there are the one's who drink and drive or ride. So it happens that there are some people when they get drunk they tend to like speed. This is the time where they want to test the drifting skills and their reflexes. But come on guys! it is not the right time to try stuffs like that.


Personally I do not have any problem with drunk people. But I would recommend that when we drink we have to make sure that we know our limits. we have to make sure that we are not driving or riding. We have to make sure that we are providing a safe environment for the people around us. I hope that we all take all these things into consideration.

Let's drink with moderation.