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Different Types of Couples Around Us

Love is really amazing people! Love is a special bond that unites two people together. when we talk about love, we think about relationships and couples. It comes through different aspects and forms though. Today I want to share the different couples that I can see around me.

  • "We are not dating"

Let's be honest here. Most of us know a couple that says that they are not dating but they get jealous when someone flirt with another person and they kiss each other while they are sober. 

  • "The hosts"

Here is another couple that most of the times have guests at home. It can be for a birthday gathering, to watch football, for chrismas and new year. Well, life seems to be pretty amazing for these people.

  • "The party couple"

The party couples are the ones that enjoy life till the end I think! Lol! They can spend the night out almost everyday and they never get tired or gain weight. The next day they are off to work and very energetic. How do they do that?

  • "The on and off couple

This kind of couple, most of the time they are criticising each other and fighting but at the end of the day, they are still together and all over each other.Usually, they do not have much in common. Well, I wish them good luck! haha!

  • "The destined couple"

The destined couples are nice as well. They are the ones that have been together since high school until now. They are like best friends and we cannot imagine them not being together one day. I always think about whether they get bored of each other or not. But it is clear to see that they are meant to be together though.

  • "The Religious couple"

Uhm! I do not have anything against religion but sometimes religious couples can be annoying. In a scenario where you just woke up and you see your neighbor. You greet him a good morning and he will greet you back good morning because god woke us up. And the thing is that you did not ask for that much. lol! Nonetheless they are nice people.

  • "The facebookers"

They are usually the ones who will share their lives most of time on social media. They will talk about love or their new born baby. Sometimes they are newly wed as well. So it is their choice and we got to accept and respect that.

  • "The age gap couple"

The age gap couple is my favourite. Because it shows that love does not have any barrior despite the requirements of the society. Sometimes they are together for the wrong reason as well but I will not go that way for now. I prefer to leave it there. But it is always nice to look at them according to me.

If we continue talking about couples, it will be a never ending discussion. All couples have there strength and limitations. There are also some honorable mentions such as the travellers, the the wealthy ones, the poor couples and the friends with benefits. Hopefully this article will help you understand about the different couples around you or understand where do you stand.