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Dare To Make a Difference

Dare to make the difference people! Here is the thing. I am about to tell you a story about how did i make the difference for myself and not for anybody else. I grew up on a small island where there is not much happening but where almost everybody is very happy. In my place everyday you will see and taste what we call the beauty of simplicity. You will get to breathe fresh air everyday, pollution is almost totally inexistent, a large lagoon, mountains and white sandy beaches. No wonder they call the island as the anti-stress island. The best place to go.

Here, without criticising anyone, i am about to share how according to me we can live a better life over there.  Most of us are relying on the ruling government to get a job and the government is relying on us to be creative and innovative. But honestly i don’t want to go deep into the details of the country political system because there are too much complications in that direction. We always here politicians saying:

“before you ask what your country can do for you ask yourself what can you do for your country.”

Its very common right! Its kind of funny when i think about it. For me i have created a quote from their quote for myself. My quote is as followed;

“before you ask what your country can do for you ask yourself what you can do for yourself and together with your country .”

Yes i said it people! The way i look at our society, i think we can look at my particular people as individuals instead of as a group. First of all we are not much. Which means we can have better control over almost everybody. Secondly, if one self is happy in what or she is doing so we will have a better society and better standard of living. What i mean is that if everybody is willing to commit to what he or she is good at i don’t see any reason to prevent success. We people have to follow our dreams because it is the only way for us to seek the happiness that we are looking for. Dare to dream and make your life out of this dream. We limit ourselves too much and at the end of the day we forget about our dreams. I am about to share a secret to you people. The secret is that i dream that our place becomes an upgrade of itself. How to do so? We need to change our mode of thinking.

We need to value the works of our local artists more as well as those who are in sports. I realised that our artists who are whether musicians, singers or writers cannot really make a living out of their craft. Our people who go for international big sports events  can’t barely make a living out of their passion as well. These people are good at what they do to be honest, everything is there. Passion, dedication, talent and skills. We have everything except opportunity to show what we can do. According to me, we need to see the bigger picture of things if we want a change in that sense. This is where the government can play their roles at their best. First of all they can invite scouts to our place and detect the real talents that can go to a professional level in terms of sports. Next to this , invite the successful people to come and give a help to our artists. From there we have already got a starting point.

Next thing, as citizens of a particular state. We have to have a better internet service. From the internet a lot of things can be done. If we have a powerful internet service, we will have smarter students and we will have a better view of the world. A good internet service will be a good starting platform as it will create jobs such as call centre services, for home delivery purposes and we can even pay bills and buy groceries without even getting out of our houses. Nowadays, most of the people from our society are computer literate so i don’t think that it will be an issue for them. We know that because of internet we can lose our culture but with much emphasis on the conservation of the latter i don’t think that we are going to lose it. One thing is for sure is that we will not lose our core values. From now on we have to accept that culture is changing as it always does by the way. Culture has to vary across societies and across time and place. That’s how it has always been.

then we need a university in our place. We always have to leave our place in order to get a degree. And all this movements costs money to our parents. Some can afford and some cannot. Those who cannot are left aside in a sense. Here again they got everything except opportunity. But this is an issue that a good internet platform can solve for the moment. The one who cannot travel because of the fees can still do long distance learning. We are not doing a bad job with our countries . We just need to set our priorities in the right order and from there we will already get an upgrade. Lets just start from there for now in the proper way and see where it leads us.

All we need is a better internet service all around and the creativity and innovation will come. Lets focus on one issue at a time, fix it and move to the next one. If we are able to do that very soon we will have you tubers and famous artists as well as well paid sportsmen who are well paid for their craft and can focus on one sole thing. In the other way also well sell a more better image of our country and this will increase our tourism industrial power as they will be more alert and aware about our place.

I am not blaming anybody here am just a young citizen giving his point of view because as long as i know, communication is the key to success. If we don’t make the difference from now on we will most likely lose our best elements for somewhere else most of the time.