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The heart is for human kind


It's crazy how people can bring you down unknowingly. We are so selfishfly saying what we say sometimes that we forget to consider what the other person might feel sometimes.  We just give our thoughts out of the blue sometimes that we hurt others unknowingly.

Why is it like some people are not optimistic about whatever you are doing. They will always tell you that you cannot do this or that. They will tell you that you cannot reach that level or you cannot go that far. Well, the only thing that we can do is to ignore those people. We know where we are going and where we want to go. Whatever they do or say, do not allow it to reach you even if it is coming from the people who are very close to you. You may not be where you want to be yet but with time and experience you will reach your destination. Have faith in yourself, this is the most important. i know that you can prove your critics wrong.

whatever you do in life, whether it is good or wrong people will still have their say about it. It can be constructive or destructive cristicism and the only thing that you can learn how to do is to prove them wrong. You need to prove to them as well as to yourself that you are a winner. Go beyond and above your limits to reach your goals. you are attracted to what you and you got to do something about it. You are free to be whoever you wanna be and nothing can stop you from being who you want to be.  you are the master and painter of your life. make sure that you paint a nice picture. It might consume much of your time but the end product will worth it.

As from now when people try to bring us down in whatever we are doing, let's just ignore them and encourage them in whatever they are doing. Do not become like them but instead be encourageing to them. Not only to them but to anybody that you think is doing something with love, passion, time, power and dedication. As from today let's just give a big applause to those people so that they understand that without them you wouldn't have anybody to prove wrong and that it is from them that you get your strength to go a step closer to your goal.