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Crazy Reasons For Your Girlfriend to Get Mad at You

Hello everybody! I really hope that you are all doing fine! Well, on my side everything seem to be awesome for now since I kind of have a girlfriend! haha! Can it be true? To make it short here, two nights ago, my friends and I were have a few drinks at a bar and we were talking about few crazy reasons why our girlfriends got mad at us. And the reason sometimes are just crazy and funny. Today we are going to break this down people! lol! I am so excited to be here today! hahaha! Let's get back to business here! 

  • "She knows you are guilty"

One of my friend told me that his girlfriend got mad at him because she knows that he is guilty. Guilty of what? Only her and god knows! lol!

  • "There was no spring onion"

Another crazy here is that her boyfriend forgot to put spring onions on her spaghetti! She got mad at him for two days because of that. really? come on! hahah!

  • "The mirror situation"

This one is among my favourite. Your girlfriend did something bad to you and you get mad at her. When you get mad at her, she gets mad at you! When you ask her why is she mad at you, the answer is because you are mad at her. seriously! hahah! Eventually at the end of the day, you are the one who has to ask for forgiveness! What to do people!

  • "For being quiet"

As a boyfriend, sometimes it might happen that you do something wrong and you know it. When your girlfriend is mad at you, you accept it and you stay quiet because there is no point to argue. Can you believe the girlfriend of my friend got mad at him because he did not argue back.hahaha! Where are we going people!

  • "empty inbox"

This one is a really typical one! Remember that day when your girlfriend asked you for your phone! You gave it to her because as a faithful man you know that you got nothing to hide! Well, they still get mad at you because of that. Why is your message inbox empty? you deleted the messages of that secretary of yours! 

  • "for being late"

You are going to a wedding together right! As a man you can get ready fast. When she is done, you just need to put your coat or blazzer on. Because she took all the time in the world to get ready, you are about to be late. Now it is her moment to rush you because we are almost late. And as soon as you talk to her, she gets mad at you. Where is the logic people!

  • "For greeting the dog before her"

You are back home a late evening after work or university, You reach home and you are really tired. Most dogs as soon as their owners get home they get all hyper and excited when they see you. So as a good master you have to make the dog feel like you care through a greeting and by petting him. For this also, your girlfriend can get mad at you! well! I don't know what to say about this one.

  • "for giving her the space that she asked for"

Remember that time when you girlfriend asked you for some space! You said yes because you were concerned about her well being. Well, my friend's girlfriend asked him for some space over the weekend. My friend said yes. What happenned next was that the next monday she was mad at him! mad at him for giving her the space that she asked for! She was asking why no text or call. good luck my friend! hahah!

  • "for no reason at all"

Some days, you will just wake up and your girlfriend will be just mad at you. As her boyfriend, you will ask honey what's wrong? She will say nothing. But still you will feel that she is still mad at you. She will be staring at you behind the door with only one angry eye.

Please note that here, we are not saying that all women are same. And for sure it is really nice to have a girlfriend and they are all amazing. Here we just outlined few things that is hard for us to understand sometimes and it is funny as well. Feel free to share it with your girlfriends as well people!