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The heart is for human kind

Choose the right one

Over and over again! Thinking about someone for who you care and who cares for you! It is amazing and sad at the same time. The reason is because when you think about this person you are happy and thinking about having a future with her or him. But you feel sad because the particular person is not here with you.Thinking about all the time that we are wasting while not being with the one.

Who is the one in fact? a lot of people may tell you that the one has to be attractive, rich and passionate. It is not a bad thing. But if you ask me the same question here, for me personally I would say I just want someone who accepts me completely for who I am and someone who loves me. In that sense, no matter what is going on the special one would be always there for you.

Sometimes when we think about all these things, we wonder where is the special one. The kind of love where nothing can prevent you from loving one another. Does it really exist? Will it really happen? Well, only time can tell my dear friends. Never get too worried about those things as the love will come to you at the right time. The person may not look as the one that you see in your most craziest dreams but they will make your life a dream. I always like to say that we should not mind the body but mind the engine.

Don't get me wrong here! The engine that I am talking about is the love, trust, mentality, dedication and faithfulness. If someone can feel all these things towards you then that is really awesome. That engine will allow you to be happy and see the beauty of the body. An individual may have a beautiful body and an ugly heart whereas another individual may have a beautiful heart but an 'ugly' body. Which one will you choose to spend the rest of your life with? Well, you decide what is best for you. Just remember that physical beauty as some may refer to it fades away with time whereas the beauty of the heart will live forever.

So let's make sure that we choose the right persons for the right reasons to spend our lives with.