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The heart is for human kind

Carry on!

We are all perfect human beings with our own imperfections. It happens that we make mistake and this is what proves we are human. There is always a time where our hearts enter in conflict with our minds. It is still normal! Don't worry about it! Sometimes we get discouraged or dissapointed because things are not going the way that we want to. Sometimes we isolate ourselves because we don't want to see or talk to anybody or just because we just want to have a personal time. It is also understandable.

However, after a break or a pause or whatever we may call it, we need to get back on our feet. Never allow anybody or anyone tell you what you can do or what you can't do! You know where you are going! Nobody knows what you want better than you! I believe that we all have the capacity and intelligence to be whoever we want to be in this world. Very often, we are so close to our goals but half way we get discouraged. We get discouraged because a group of people is laughing at us, we get discourage because a group of people is saying that we cannot do it and sometimes even our own families have doubts about our abilities no matter how good we are. Well, all this are negative aspects right? Turn them into something positive!  Make fun of it! Continue to do the good work along the way and at last prove them wrong and prove to yourself that you are amazing as well.

I have a friend who always say that time waits for noone and it is true. It is true because because we will not be here forever. Do the things that we want while we can! Follow our dreams and live life to the fullest. There are lots of things to discover and explore out there. There is a lot of opportunities around us. We just need to recognise them and use them as much as we can depending upon our passion and target. If everytime someone reacts to whatever we are doing we stop and dwell too long onto that particular reaction, we will be wasting a whole lot of time. Sometimes it is much better to ignore the toxic people around us and focus onto what we are doing. We all have great abilities and we just need to sit down and now where does it lies.

Life is short people! Make sure that we live it in a way that we don't have any regrets after our life here is over. Believe in yourself and into your project. If you don't have one, then build one that looks like you. You are more amazing than you think! You just do not see how amazing your wings are like a butterfly doesn't see it as well. Keep it up in whatever you are doing. You deserve the best in life. Finally, do not forget to embrace every single moment of your life even the struggles because they often tend to be a blessing in disguise.