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Blessing in disguise!

Travelling to melaka during the chinese new year festivity period was quite an adventure. It was very tiring but yet fun. First of all my friends and I went to catch a bus where we had to wait a lot in a very long queue to finally get a ticket.

We were stuck in the traffic jam for around for hours. We had nothing except some water with us. It was really crazy. However the driver was really kind as he stopped for a short break and we could get out have some food and go to bathroom. We finally reached destination though. We were all so happy about as we were saying that we are finally gonna have some fun. But unfortunately again. We went almost everywhere to find a hotel but sadly all of them were already full. We did not got discouraged though. We finally got a really nice hotel with a cheap price. We were all fine. We went to our room and then proceeded to a bar nearby and get back to our senses with a beer. We were having our beer near a river and again bad luck striked as the boats that were passing by splashed us with water and we all got wet. I really don't know what kind of misery was that.

After a beer, we all decided to go back to the hotel. We were chilling really fine when suddenly the receptionist came back to us and gave us our money back. We were confused. He said that we had to leave. Appearantly the room has already been booked and he never told us anything. And there we go again. We packed our things and tried to find another place. We were all very tired and we were all like we cannot walk anymore. But at last came the rescue. We finally reached a hotel and the manager was really nice to us. He had no bedrooms available but he had space. He proposed to us to put our camping tent on the roof and some would be on the couch as well and it was free of charge. Now we were in the sunB residence. We put our luggage down and we chill there looking at the decorations and listening to some really good and relaxing music. It was like we have found heaven. He even proposed to prepare something for us but we were too tired to eat. 

We enjoyed our stay there so much that we decided to book our rooms there for the next coming days. It was just pure and simple class. We really enjoyed it there. Everything was in synchronization and perfect. The breakfast was awesome and there was only one man doing all these perfectly. We were so grateful. For sure we will go there again.

Sometimes things just turn back into our favor in the most unexpected places. An act of pure and genuine kindness from a man has resulted in him having few faithful customers. If I were u I would definitely go there and who knows how your luck will turn out to be.