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 Secondary HIgh School

High school! well high school was and is still amazing people! Make the most out of it while you can. For sure there were good moments as well as bad moments. But when you think about it, you cherish all the moments. Personally, I have a lot of good moments from high school. So cherish those moments while you can.

  • "Family Support"

First of all, during high school days, you don't have to worry about bills, food and all the complication of adult life. Everything is served to you on a plate. You just need to go there. lol! isn't it amazing? Your parents even pay you to go there.

  • "Friends"

Secondly, you get to have a lot of friends! Well what can I say about them apart from the fact that they were the most amazing people in the school. l will not hide that my friends were really crazy as well. We would do all kind of weird games and stuffs together. We would fight each other, we would even stop talking to each other but on the other hand side we would get into trouble together and pay the consequences all together. Judge by yourself how crazy and messed up my friends and I were! One of my best memories with my classmates was the day someone put a condom full of water in class. lol! It is really mean but until today we seriously do not know who did that. We got in deep trouble because of that as well.

  • "Teachers"

Next come the teachers. We had all kind of teachers. We had the one who loved to make jokes, we had the cool one, we had the young one, we had the old one and we had the strict one. I will not hide that my least favourite was the strict one back in the days. I even went to cry one day. Oh god! Nonetheless I am still alive and happy. But all the teachers were really nice. There is no doubt about that. There is one teacher that is still my favourite until today. My classmates and I used to take her lunch box and her sweets from her bags. When she will get back in class, she will notice it and we will be entertain by her reaction. She would even get to know instantly who did the crime but she will not talk about it again after her sermon.

  • "Flirts"

Well! Here is something else again! The flings and flirts! What can I say more about it! It was definitely our time. Most of us got our first crush from there. Our first love letter from there as well! First kiss! Lol! Definitely from there. This was the time where we were trying testing and tasting! We would be willing to do anything to anyone to prove our knowhow. But it is understandable because that's what most teenagers do afterall.

  • "Bad Conducts"

There were a lot of misconducts as well. This is my favourite part. Lol! It is not good to misbehave in school though. There were those who will be sent back home for not attending classes in their respective time, there was the gambler crew as well who were regularly sent back home, there was the crazy ones who would obviously act crazy because they want to be sent back home and there were those who just loved to misbehave and fight.

The biggest things that we can get after high school  are just amazing. You will get to know how to behave with the opposite sex, you will have emotional stability, you will learn about hierarchy, love, respect, strength and wisdom.